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  1 A demonstration of areawide water resources planning / 1978
  2 Adjustment of Incidence Rates for Migration in Indirect Ecologic Studies Project Summary 1984
  3 Adjustment of incidence rates for migration in indirect ecologic studies {microform} / 1984
  4 Air Pollution and Vegetation II. Effects of Fertilization on Growth and Development of Twenty Woody Plants Grown in Industrial Areas (Luftforurensning og Vegetasjon II. Virkninger av Gjodsling og Kalking pa Vekst og Utvikling av 20 Lignoseslag Dyrket pa Sterkt SO2-Eksponert Sted i Sarpsborg). 1974
  5 Alternative Sewer Systems in the United States. 1984
  6 Analysis of Ground and Surface Water Utilization in Urbanized Arid Areas. 1970
  7 Analysis of Septic Tank Distribution and Septage Generation Rates in Illinois. 1984
  8 Analytical Studies for Assessing the Impact of Sanitary Sewage Facilities of Delaware Co., Ohio. 1975
  9 Analyzing Organizational Conflicts in Water Resource Management. A Systematic Approach. 1972
  10 Application of Laboratory-Derived Criteria to an Outdoor Stream Ecosystem. 1988
  11 Are We Controlling Water Pollution in the Southeast. 1968
  12 Areawide Waste Treatment and Water Quality Management Planning. Appendix C-1. Energy Report: Evaluation of Areawide Coal Production and Future Projections. 1978
  13 Biological and Water Quality Survey of Three Tributaries to the Sangamon River: South Fork Basin, Mosquito Creek and Long Point Slough, September through November 1989. 1993
  14 Birth expectations of women in the United States, 1973-88 1995
  15 Border 2012 : U.S.-Mexico environmental program = Frontera 2012 : programa ambiental MeĆ¢xico-Estados Unidos. 2003
  16 Border 2012: U.S.-Mexico Environmental Program. State of the Border Region Indicators Report 2010. 2011
  17 Calculation of age distributions in the nonroad model : growth and scrappage / 2005
  18 Calculation of Age Distributions in the Nonroad Model: Growth and Scrappage. 2004
  19 Central Hillsborough County-Tampa, Florida: 201 Facilities Plan. Volume 1: Wastewater Facilities Existing Environment Technical Reference Document. 1981
  20 Central Hillsborough County-Tampa, Florida: 201 Facilities Plan. Volume II: Alternatives Evaluation Technical Reference Document. 1981
  21 Central Hillsborough County-Tampa, Florida: Wastewater Facilities. 1981
  22 Champaign County Solid Waste Management System Analysis. 1974
  23 Characterization of Baseline Demographic Trends in the Year-Round and Recreational Populations in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study Area. 1989
  24 Chesapeake Bay Ambient Toxicity Assessment Workshop Report. 1990
  25 Chesapeake Bay Annual Workplan, 1989. 1989
  26 Chesapeake Bay Atlantic Croaker and Spot Fishery Management Plan: Agreement Commitment Report 1991. 1991
  27 Chesapeake Bay Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Habitat Requirements and Restoration Targets: A Technical Synthesis. 1992
  28 Chesapeake Bay Summer Flounder Fishery Management Plan: Agreement Commitment Report 1991. 1991
  29 Chesapeake Executive Council First Progress Report under the 1987 Chesapeake Bay Agreement. 1989
  30 City size and the quality of life : an analysis of the policy implications of continued population concentration : prepared for National Science Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs (RANN) Program under NSF contract GI.138462 1974
  31 Comparison of the EC50s of Algal Toxicity Tests Calculated by Four Methods. 1987
  32 Comprehensive Environmental Management Plan for the Currituck Sound Drainage Basin: Background Investigations. 1990
  33 Cost estimates for construction of publicly-owned wastewater treatment facilities : 1976 needs survey. 1977
  34 Cost of Providing Governmental Services to Alternative Residential Patterns 1993
  35 Denver regional environmental impact statement for wastewater facilities and the clean water plan / 1978
  36 Determinants and Options for Water Distribution System Management: A Cost Evaluation Project Summary 1982
  37 Determinants and Options for Water Distribution System Management: A Cost Evaluation. 1982
  38 Draft environmental impact statement : wastewater management for Boise, Eagle and Ada County, Idaho / 1981
  39 Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Technical Appendixes: Durham-Eno River, North Carolina Wastewater Treatment Plant and Service Area. 1989
  40 Draft Environmental Impact Statement City of Los Angeles Wastewater Facilities Plan. Chapters I and II. 1977
  41 Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Southwest Orange County, Florida Wastewater Management. 1984
  42 Draft Environmental Impact Statement Ideal Basic Industries: Cement Plant, Theodore Industrial Park, Alabama, and Limestone Quarry, Monroe County, Alabama. Appendices Volume III. Appendix B Baseline. Ecology, Socioeconomics. 1978
  43 Draft Environmental Impact Statement, North Jefferson County, Kentucky Wastewater Facilities. 1983
  44 Draft San Diego Metropolitan Facilities Plan: Wastewater Treatment, Reclamation and Disposal, 1975-2000. 1977
  45 Economic evaluation of the proposed interim primary drinking water regulations. 1975
  46 Effect of Water Quality on First-Year Mortality of Largemouth Bass. 1972
  47 Effects of Coal Development in the Northern Great Plains. A Review of Major Issues and Consequences at Different Rates of Development. 1975
  48 Effects of Sediment-Bound Residues of the Pyrethroid Insecticide Fenvalerate on Survival and Reproduction of Meiobenthic Copepods. 1990
  49 Energy from the West : a progress report of a technology assessment of Western energy resource development / 1977
  50 Energy from the West : policy analysis report / 1979
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