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  1 13 C NMR data for organometallic compounds 1981
  2 Advances in inorganic and bioinorganic mechanisms. 1982
  3 Advances in organometallic chemistry. 1964
  4 All-in-one ... catalog 0
  5 Analytical Methods for Determination of Selected Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents in Combustion Products. 1986
  6 Applied organometallic chemistry. 1987
  7 Assessing the environmental impact of fossil-fuel based energy sources : measurement of organometal species in biological and water samples using liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection / 1979
  8 Biochemical, Functional and Morphological Indicators of Neurotoxicity: Effects of Acute Administration of Trimethyltin to the Developing Rat. 1984
  9 Biological alkylation of heavy elements the proceedings of a conference commemorating the centenary of the birth of Professor Frederick Challenger / 1988
  10 Characterization of organometallic compounds, 1969
  11 Chelation phenomena 1960
  12 Chemical analysis of organometallic compounds 1973
  13 Chemical data for predicting the fate of organic compounds in water Volume 2: Database / 1988
  14 Comprehensive organometallic analysis 1987
  15 Comprehensive organometallic chemistry : the synthesis, reactions, and structures of organometallic compounds 1982
  16 Development of on-line liquid chromatograph-inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer for the analysis of trace organically bound metals and metalloids in coal derived products 1980
  17 Elastomer stereospecific polymerization; a symposium. 1966
  18 Fate of trace-metals (impurities) in subsoils as related to the quality of ground water 1972
  19 Fleetwide use of organotin antifouling paint : Environmental assessment / 1984
  20 Flow Cytometric Analysis of the Cellular Toxicity of Tributyltin (Journal Version). 1988
  21 Further characterization of sorbents for environmental sampling - II / 1982
  22 Gas chromatography of organometallic compounds 1982
  23 Horizons in organometallic chemistry 1974
  24 Industrial applications of the organometallic compounds, a literature survey. 1963
  25 Industrial synthesis and applications of organometallics 1965
  26 Inorganic and organometallic photochemistry : a symposium 1978
  27 Inorganic and organometallic reaction mechanisms 1985
  28 Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Gas-Phase Reactions of the Hydroxyl Radical with Organic Compounds under Atmospheric Conditions. 1985
  29 Liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection for the speciation of organometals 1978
  30 Macrophysiological Assessment of Organometal Neurotoxicity. 1985
  31 Mass spectrometry of metal compounds 1975
  32 Mechanisms of inorganic and organometallic reactions 1983
  33 Metal vapour synthesis in organometallic chemistry 1979
  34 Metal-organic compounds a collection of papers comprising the Symposium on Metal-Organic Compounds, presented before the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry at the 131st national meeting of the American Chemical Society, Miami, Florida, April, 1957. 1959
  35 Modeling Monomethylmercury and Tributyltin Speciation with EPA's Geochemical Speciation Model MINTEQA2. 2005
  36 Nature of organic derivatives of selected toxic metals in natural waters 1974
  37 New pathways for organic synthesis practical applications of transition metals / 1984
  38 Nontransition-metal compounds 1981
  39 Occurrence and analysis of organometallic compounds in the environment / 1998
  40 Oil Tagging System Study. 1970
  41 Organic metal and metalloid species in the environment : analysis, distribution, processes and toxicological evaluation / 2004
  42 Organic sequestering agents. 1959
  43 Organic syntheses by oxidation with metal compounds 1986
  44 Organometallic chemistry of the main group elements 1970
  45 Organometallic compounds : synthesis, structure, and theory : proceedings of the first symposium of the Industry-University Cooperative Chemistry Program of the Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University, April 17-20, 1983 1983
  46 Organometallic compounds and living organisms 1984
  47 Organometallic compounds in the environment 2003
  48 Organometallic compounds in the environment principles and reactions / 1986
  49 Organometallic compounds; methods of synthesis, physical constants and chemical reactions. 1966
  50 Organometallic mechanisms and catalysis : the role of reactive intermediates in organic processes 1978
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