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  1 A comparison of nitrogen fixation (acetylene reduction) rates in seagrass communities dominated by Thalassia Testudinum and Halodule Wrightii / 1988
  2 Algae-Bacteria Interaction in a Light-Dark Cycle (Journal Version). 1981
  3 Algal Nutrient Studies of the Potomac Estuary. 1977
  4 Associative and endophytic nitrogen-fixing bacteria and cyanobacterial associations / 2007
  5 Bioassay of calcium cyanamide for possible carcinogenicity. 1979
  6 Biological Fixation and Transformation of Nitrogen in Small Impoundments. 1970
  7 Biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, 1971
  8 Biology and ecology of nitrogen. Proceedings of a conference. 1969
  9 Biology of nitrogen fixation 1974
  10 Cadmium Effects on the Nitrogen Fixation System of Red Alder. 1980
  11 Chemistry and biochemistry of nitrogen fixation, 1971
  12 Control of water pollution from cropland {microform} / 1976
  13 Design parameters for animal waste treatment systems : nitrogen control / 1976
  14 Determination of a Nitrogen-Phosphorus Budget for Bayou Texar, Pensacola, Florida. 1972
  15 Dynamics of the Nitrogen Cycle in Lakes. 1970
  16 Effect of Glyphosate and Nitrapyrin on Selected Bacterial Populations in Continuous-Flow Culture. 1992
  17 Effect of Simulated Sulfuric Acid Rain on the Chemistry of a Sulfate-Adsorbing Forest Soil. 1985
  18 Effects of Acidic Rain and Ozone on Nitrogen Fixation and Photosynthesis in the Lichen 'Lobaria pulmonaria' (L.) Hoffm. 1986
  19 Effects of Nitrogen Sources on P-Limited Growth of 'Anabaena Flos-Aquae'. 1983
  20 Effects of ozone on nitrogen fixation in ladino clover / 1976
  21 Effects of Ozone on Root Processes. 1978
  22 Effects of UV-B and Global Climate Change on Rice Research Plan. 1990
  23 Energetics of biological nitrogen fixation. 1982
  24 Environmental control of nitrogen fixation in lakes : project completion report / 1974
  25 Environmental Control of Nitrogen Fixation in Lakes: I. In situ Nitrogen Fixation by Free Living Blue-Green Algae. II. Nitrogen Fixation by the Duck-Weed-Algal Association. 1974
  26 Environmental factors promoting and regulating N2 fixing blue-green algal blooms in the Chowan River, N.C. 1982
  27 Fate of Nitrogen in Aquatic Ecosystems. 1972
  28 Genetic engineering for nitrogen fixation 1977
  29 GIS (Geographical Information System) Based Simulation Approach to Predict System Responses to Climatic Change. 1989
  30 Human alteration of the global nitrogen cycle : causes and consequences / 1997
  31 Integrated Iron and Nitrogen Control for Lake Restoration. 1979
  32 Limitations and potentials for biological nitrogen fixation in the tropics 1978
  33 Methanol requirement and temperature effects in wastewater denitrification / 1970
  34 Methanol requirement and temperature effects in wastewater denitrification {microform}. 1970
  35 Methods for evaluating biological nitrogen fixation 1980
  36 Microbial Response to Acid Deposition and Effects on Plant Productivity. 1984
  37 Nitrates: An Environmental Assessment. 1978
  38 Nitrogen cycling in bacteria : molecular analysis / 2011
  39 Nitrogen fixation by free-living micro-organisms 1975
  40 Nitrogen fixation in bacteria and higher plants 1975
  41 Nitrogen isotope techniques 1992
  42 Nitrogen removal from wastewaters 1970
  43 Nitrogen sources and cycling in natural waters, 1973
  44 Nitrogen Sources and Cycling in Natural Waters. 1973
  45 Ozone and Soil Moisture Deficit Effects on Nitrogen Metabolism of Soybean (Journal Version). 1987
  46 Proceedings of the National Conference on Management of Nitrogen in Irrigated Agriculture, Held in Sacramento, California, on May 15-18, 1978. 1978
  47 Protocol for evaluating the nitrogen status of lake sediments / 1974
  48 Recent developments in nitrogen fixation 1977
  49 Removal of Nitrogen from Tile Drainage, Bio-Engineering Aspects of Agricultural Drainage San Joaquin Valley, California. 1971
  50 Review of Acid Deposition Research in the Western United States 1983
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