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  1 A framework for a computational toxicology research program. 2003
  2 Advances in molecular modeling. 1988
  3 Aerosol research branch, annual report : FY 1976/76A / 1977
  4 Analysis and trial application of correlation methodologies for predicting toxicity of organic chemicals / 1976
  5 Analysis of Technical Chlordane by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. 1977
  6 Analysis of the Spectra of Genetic Activity in Short-Term Tests. 1985
  7 Analytical reference standards and supplemental data : the pesticides and industrial chemicals repository / 1984
  8 Analytical reference standards and supplemental data : the pesticides and industrial chemicals repository / 1984
  9 Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure. 1992
  10 Aquatic plant chemistry, its application to water pollution control. 1970
  11 Assessment of the potential for transport of dioxins and codisposed materials to groundwater 1989
  12 Assessment of the Potential for Transport of Dioxins and Codisposed Materials to Groundwater Project Summary 1989
  13 Assessment of the Propensity for Covalent Binding of Electrophiles to Biological Substrates. 1990
  14 Atlas of the three-dimensional structure of drugs 1979
  15 Atmospheric fates of organic chemicals : prediction of ozone and hydroxyl radiacal reaction rates and mechanisms {microform} / 1985
  16 Atmospheric Fates Of Organic Chemicals Prediction Ozone and Hydroxyl Radical Reaction Rates and Mechanisms Project Summary 1985
  17 Biodegradation of Environmental Pollutants by the White Rot Fungus 'Phanerochaete chrysosporium': Involvement of the Lignin Degrading System. 1993
  18 Calculated molecular properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 1987
  19 Calculations of pK Differences between Structurally Similar Compounds. 1990
  20 CASE-SAR Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Carcinogenicity. 1990
  21 Chemical applications of molecular modelling / 1998
  22 Chemical characterization of model aerosols / 1974
  23 Chemical Identification of the Odor Components in Diesel Engine Exhaust. 1970
  24 Chemical reactions of aquatic humic materials with selected oxidants 1983
  25 Chemical Resistance of Geosynthetic Materials. 1991
  26 Chlorination of aquatic humic substances {microform} / 1981
  27 CICIS - Chemical Inventory Information Tape: Supplement 1. 1979
  28 CICIS Chemical Inventory Information Tape. 1979
  29 CLOGP Source Code. 1985
  30 Comparative analysis of dioxins and furans by electron impact, high resolution mass spectrometry and by electron capture, negative ionization, and low resolution mass spectrometry. {microfiche}/ by C.J. Koester and R.L. Harless, et al... 1990
  31 Comparative Molecular Field Analysis of Polyhalogenated Dibenzo-p-dioxins, Dibenzofurans, and Biphenyls. 1992
  32 Comparison of Emissions and Organic Fingerprints from Combustion of Oil and Wood. 1991
  33 Computational approaches to the identification of suspect toxic molecules {microform} 1988
  34 Computational Studies of the 3-Dimensional Structure of Cyclopenta Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Containing a Gulf Region. 1992
  35 Computer Assisted Studies of Structure-Activity Relations Using Pattern Recognition. 1983
  36 Computer Automated Structure Evaluation (CASE) of Flavonoids as Larval Growth Inhibitors. 1988
  37 Computer Automated Structure Evaluation (CASE): A Study of Inhibitors of the Thermolysin Enzyme. 1989
  38 Computer simulation of chemical and biomolecular systems 1986
  39 Computer-aided molecular design : applications in agrochemicals, materials, and pharmaceuticals : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Computers in Chemistry and the Division of Agrochemicals at the 207th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Diego, California, March 13-17, 1994 / 1995
  40 Computer-Assisted Structure Activity Relationships of Nitrogenous Cyclic Compounds Tested in Salmonella Assays for Mutagenicity. 1987
  41 Computer-Assisted Studies of Molecular Structure and Genotoxic Activity by Pattern Recognition Techniques. 1985
  42 Computer-Assisted Studies of Molecular Structure-Biological Activity Relationships. 1985
  43 Computer-Automated Prediction of the Mutagenicity of Benzidine, 4,4(double prime)-Diaminoterphenyl, 4-Dimethylaminoazo-benzene and 4-Cyanodimethylaniline: Comparison with the Results of the Second UKEMS Collaborative Study. 1986
  44 Concepts and applications of molecular similarity 1990
  45 Contribution to the Interpretation of Mass Spectra with the Aid of Adaptive Linear Classifiers (Beitrag zur Interpretation von Massenspektren mit Hilfe Adaptiver, Linearer Klassifikatoren). 1974
  46 Correlation of Structure Versus Activity of Pollutants of Fresh Water. 1971
  47 Correlations between 31P n.m.r. Chemical Shifts and Structures of Some Organophosphorus Pesticides. 1970
  48 Cyclopenta-Fused Isomers of Benz(a)anthracene Identification of Major Microsomal Metabolites. 1984
  49 Derivation and Significance of Valence Molecular Connectivity. 1981
  50 Determination of biodegradability kinetics of RCRA compounds using respirometry for structure-activity relationships {microform} / 1990
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