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  1 A Long Term Study of Radon and Airborne Particulates at Phosphogypsum Stacks in Central Florida 1988
  2 A quality assurance program for the EPA/Shawnee wet limestone scrubber demonstration program / 1976
  3 A study of radon and airborne particulates at phosphogypsum stacks in central Florida / 1988
  4 A summary of the 1981 EPA national performance audit program on source measurements / 1983
  5 Abiotic Organic Reactions at Mineral Surfaces. 1986
  6 Adaptation of the Simplex Gasification Process to the Co-Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste and Sewage Sludge Project Summary 1983
  7 Adapting woody species and planting techniques to landfill conditions : field and laboratory investigations / 1979
  8 AICE Survey of USSR Air Pollution Literature. Volume XVI. Some Basic Properties of Ash and Industrial Dust in Relation to the Problem of Purification of Stack Gases. 1972
  9 Air Pollution Exposure Systems and Experimental Protocols. Volume 1. A Review and Evaluation of Performance. 1987
  10 Ambient Sulfate Aerosol Deposition in Man: Modeling the Influence of Hygroscopicity. 1985
  11 An introduction to the environmental physics of soil, water, and watersheds / 2004
  12 An introduction to the physical basis of soil water phenomena 1969
  13 Analysis of fuel samples from Baltimore, Detroit, and Philadelphia / 1986
  14 Analysis of geothermal wastes for hazardous components 1983
  15 Application of microwave water sensing techniques to watersheds : completion report 1975
  16 Application of Topographically Distributed Models of Energy, Water and Carbon Balance over the Columbia River Basin: A Framework for Simulating Potential Climate Change Effects at the Regional Scale. 1993
  17 Applications of soil physics 1980
  18 Applied soil physics soil water and temperature applications / 1980
  19 Applied soil physics soil water and temperature applications / 1992
  20 Approach for estimating global landfill methane emissions {microform} / 1991
  21 Approach to bioremediation of contaminated soil / 1990
  22 Assessment of Fungal Growth on Ceiling Tiles under Environmentally Characterized Conditions. 1993
  23 Assimilation of Satellite Data in Regional Air Quality Models. 1997
  24 Available solute transport models for groundwater and soil water quality menagement 1986
  25 Average climatic water balance data of the continents : United States. 1964
  26 Behavior of Toxic Metals during Contact of Synthetic Coal Leachates with Maryland Coastal Plain Soil. 1995
  27 Biological consequences of plant residue decomposition in soil {microform} / 1972
  28 Biomass Combustion in Gas-Turbine-Based Systems. 1993
  29 Breve Guia para el Moho, la Humedad y su Hogar (Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home). 2005
  30 Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home. 2005
  31 Calculation of emission factors for agricultural burning activities / 1975
  32 Calculation of emission factors for agricultural burning activities {microform} / 1975
  33 Calibration and automation of a dual-energy gamma system for applications in soil science / 1990
  34 Cementing shallow water flow zones in deepwater wells API recommended practice 65, first edition, September 2002, Errata, August 2003. 2003
  35 Champion International Superfund Site, Libby Montana : bioremdiation field performance evaluation of the prepared bed land treatment system ; volumes 1 and 2 / 1996
  36 Champion International Superfund Site, Libby, Montana : bioremediation field performance evaluation of the prepared bed land treatment systems / 1996
  37 Champion International Superfund Site, Libby, Montana Field Performance Evaluation. Bioremediation Unit: 'In situ' Bioremediation of the Upper Aquifer. 1997
  38 Characterization of Environmental Chambers for Evaluating Microbial Growth on Building Materials. 1992
  39 Characterization of PIC Emissions from Combustion of Pentachlorophenol-Treated Wood Wastes. 1996
  40 Chemistry laboratory manual for bottom sediments and elutriate testing. 1979
  41 Climatological investigation of soil temperature 1957
  42 Climatological Observations Monthly Bulletin, May 1971. 1971
  43 Collaborative study of method for stack gas analysis and determination of moisture fraction with use of Method 5 / 1974
  44 Community Respiration of Decomposing Plants in Oregon Estuarine Marshes. 1984
  45 Comparison of Measured and Modeled Surface Fluxes of Heat, Moisture, and Chemical Dry Deposition. 1996
  46 Computer estimates of natural recharge from soil moisture data, high plains of Colorado : completion report, OWRT project no. A-016 COLO 1975
  47 Computer simulation model of soil water movement and uptake by plant roots 1982
  48 Computer simulation of soil-water dynamics a compendium of recent work / 1977
  49 Computer system for the reduction and analysis of soil moisture data 1968
  50 Correlations Between Canopy Reflectance and Leaf Temperature in Irrigated and Droughted Soybeans. 1989
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