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  1 2006 annual summary of emission-related recall and voluntary service campaigns performed on light duty vehicles and light-duty trucks / 2007
  2 A GIS-based modal model of automobile exhaust emissions : final report / 1998
  3 Air CHIEF, Version 7.0 (on CD-ROM). 1999
  4 Ambient Temperature and Driving Cycle Effects on CNG Motor Vehicle Emission. 1993
  5 Analysis of carbon monoxide exposure for fourteen cities using HAPEM-MS3 1998
  6 Anthropogenic Emissions Involved in Acidic Deposition Processes. 1991
  7 Backround information for land use SIP policy 1998
  8 Bellevue Carbon Monoxide Study, December 29, 1987 to February 20, 1988. 1988
  9 Beta gauge operation manual / 1979
  10 Binary Recursive Partitioning Method for Modeling Hot-Stabilized Emissions from Motor Vehicles. 1997
  11 CALINE 3: California Line Source Model (for Microcomputers). 1992
  12 Characterization of Emissions from a Variable Gasoline/Methanol Fueled Car. 1990
  13 Characterization of the Wintertime Boise, Idaho, Air Shed: A Comprehensive Field Study Report for the U.S. EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. 1991
  14 Chemical Characterization of Extractable Organic Matter from Ambient Aerosols Collected in Boise, Idaho. 1991
  15 Clean Air Act Amendments of 1991: Detailed Summary of Titles. 1990
  16 Clean Automotive Technology Program : developing cleaner and more efficient vehicles and engines for tomorrow / 2006
  17 Comparison of Air Quality Measurements in Roanoke, Virginia, and Other Integrated Air Cancer Project Monitoring Locations. 1993
  18 Conceptual design issues developing a new highway vehicle emissions estimation methodology / {microform} : 1991
  19 Control techniques for carbon monoxide emissions 1979
  20 Conversion of methanol-fueled 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine to operation on gaseous 2H2/C0 fuel : final report / 1993
  21 Current Methodologies in Preparing Mobile Source Port-Related Emission Inventories. Final Report. 2009
  22 Database of Sources of Environmental Releases of Dioxin-Like Compounds in the United States - External Review Draft (on CD-ROM). 1998
  23 Design, Development, and Implementation of AIRS' Area and Mobile Source Subsystem. 1991
  24 Development of On-Road Emission Factors for Heavy-Duty Vehicles. 1995
  25 Driving pattern variability and impacts on vehicle carbon monoxide emissions {microform} / 1995
  26 EIIP Volume 4: Mobile Sources Preferred and Alternative Methods. 1997
  27 Emission of nitrous oxide from highway mobile sources comments on the draft inventory of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and sinks, 1990-1996 (March 1998) 1998
  28 Emission Processing for an Air Quality Forecasting Model. 2003
  29 Emissions and Fuel Economy Results 1992 Car Models (for Microcomputers). 1992
  30 Emissions and Fuel Economy Results 1993 Car Models (for Microcomputers). 1993
  31 Environmental Technology Verification Report: Test Report of Mobile Source Emission Control Devices. Johnson Matthey, PCRT2(Trade Name) 1000, Version 2, Filter + Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. 2009
  32 EPA's New Generation Mobile Source Emissions Model: Initial Proposal and Issues. 2001
  33 EPA's Onboard Analysis Shootout: Overview and Results. 2002
  34 Evaluation of a remote sensor for mobile source CO emissions {microform} / 1991
  35 Evaluation of air pollutant emissions from subsonic commercial jet aircraft final report. {microform} : 1999
  36 Evaluation of air pollutant emissions from subsonic commercial jet aircraft. 1999
  37 Evaluation of CO intersection modeling techniques using a New York City database 1992
  38 Evaluation of CO intersection modeling techniques using a New York City database 1992
  39 Evaluation of methodologies to estimate nonroad mobile source usage. [microform] / 1993
  40 Evaluation of the Emissions from Low-Sulfur and Biodiesel Fuel Used in an Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck during On-Road Operation. 2009
  41 EVAP3.0 CRC Evaporative Emission Model: User's Manual. 1993
  42 Evaporative Emission Model (EVAP 3.0) (for Microcomputers). 1993
  43 Example emission inventory documentation for post-1987 ozone state implementation plans (SIPs) / 1989
  44 Final regulatory impact analysis : refueling emission regulations for light duty vehicles and trucks and heavy duty vehicles / 1994
  45 Final Regulatory Support Document: Control of Emissions from Highway Motorcycles. 2003
  46 Final Report of the Small Business Advocacy Review Panel on Control of Emissions from Nonroad Large Spark Ignition Engines, Recreational Engines (Marine and Land-Based), and Highway Motorcycles. 2001
  47 Final rulemaking to establish light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards and corporate average fuel economy standards regulatory impact analysis. [electronic resource] : 2010
  48 Fractionation of complex combustion mixtures using an ion-exchange methodology {microform} / 1991
  49 Greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. transportation sector, 1990-2003 [electronic resource]. 2006
  50 Heavy duty diesel fine particulate matter emissions--development and application of on-road measurement capabilities 2001
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