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  1 1969 Annual Report to the Congress on the Administration of the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968 Public Law 90-602. 1970
  2 5th European Microwave Conference, Microwave 75, Monday 1 to Thursday 4 September 1975, Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany : conference proceedings 1975
  3 7th European Microwave Conference, Microwave 77, Monday 5 to Thursday 8, September 1977, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark : conference proceedings 1978
  4 Absorption characteristics of prolate spheroidal model of man and animals at and near resonance frequency / 1979
  5 Absorption of Microwave Radiation by the Anesthetized Rat: Electromagnetic and Thermal Hotspots in Body and Tail. 1987
  6 Advances in the use of microwave power. {microform} 1970
  7 Alteration of Circulating Antibody Response of Mice Exposed to 9-GHz Pulsed Microwaves. 1980
  8 An evaluation of selected satellite communication systems as sources of environmental microwave radiation / 1974
  9 Analysis of Broadcast Radiation Levels in Hawaii. 1975
  10 Analysis of Radar Exposure in the San Francisco Area. 1977
  11 Analysis of Radiofrequency and Microwave Absorption Data with Consideration of Thermal Safety Standards. 1978
  12 Annual Report of the Eastern Environmental Radiation Laboratory. January-December 1970. 1971
  13 Application of a Finite-Difference Technique to the Human Radiofrequency Dosimetry Problem. 1985
  14 Assessment of Immune Function Development in Mice Irradiated in Utero with 2450-MHz Microwaves. 1982
  15 Aversion/Attraction of Blue Jays to Microwave Irradiation. 1984
  16 Behavior, Physiology, and Energy Deposition in Rats Chronically Exposed to 2450 MHz Radiation. 1987
  17 Behavioral and Autonomic Thermoregulation in Mice Exposed to Microwave Radiation. 1983
  18 Behavioral and Physiological Effects of Chronic 2,450-MHz Microwave Irradiation of the Rat at 0.5 mW/cm sq. 1986
  19 Behavioral Effects of Chronic Exposure to 0.5 mW/cm2 of 2,450-MHz Microwaves. 1987
  20 Behavioral effects of microwaves : relationship of total dose and dose rate / 1989
  21 Behavioral effects of microwaves relationship of total dose and dose rate / {microform} : 1989
  22 Behavioral Suppression by 383-MHz Radiation. 1975
  23 Behavioural and Autonomic Thermoregulation in Hamsters during Microwave-Induced Heat Exposure. 1984
  24 Behaviroral Effects of Microwaves: Relationship of Total Dose and Dose Rate. 1988
  25 Biologic effects and health hazards of microwave radiation; symposium proceedings ; October 15-l8, l973. 1974
  26 Biologic effects of nonionizing radiation 1975
  27 Biological Aspects of Microwave Radiation. A Review of Hazards. 1968
  28 Biological effects and health implications of microwave radiation symposium proceedings. {microform} ; 1969
  29 Biological effects and health implications of microwave radiation; symposium proceedings. 1971
  30 Biological effects and health implications of microwave radiation; symposium proceedings. 1970
  31 Biological Effects and Measurement of Radio Frequency/Microwaves : proceedings of a conference held in Rockville, Maryland, February 16-18, 1977 1977
  32 Biological effects of microwaves 1976
  33 Biological effects of radiofrequency radiation / 1983
  34 Biological effects of radiofrequency radiation / 1984
  35 Blood-Brain Barrier Permeation in the Rat during Exposure to Low-Power 1.7-GHz Microwave Radiation. 1985
  36 Brain Temperature Measurement in Rats: A Comparison of Microwave and Ambient Temperature Exposures. 1986
  37 Broadband Power Density Monitor for Pulsed Microwave Sources. 1971
  38 Calibration of ground penetrating radar and calculation of attenuation and dielectric permittivity versus depth 1990
  39 Cellular Effects in Microbial Tester Strains Caused by Exposure to Microwaves or Elevated Temperatures. 1980
  40 Circulating Antibody Response of Mice Exposed to 9-GHz Pulsed Microwave Radiation. 1986
  41 Coal desulfurization using microwave energy / 1978
  42 Coal desulfurization using microwave energy {microform} / 1978
  43 Comparative Thermoregulatory Response to Passive Heat Loading by Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation. 1987
  44 Comparison of Microwave Detection Instruments. 1970
  45 Complement Receptor Positive Spleen Cells in Microwave (2450-MHz)-Irradiated Mice. 1981
  46 Decreased Body Weight in Fetal Rats After Irradiation With 2450-MHz (CW) Microwaves. 1984
  47 Detection of Microwave Heating in 5-Hydroxytryptamine-Induced Hypothermic Mice. 1981
  48 Development of Liquid Crystal Microwave Power Density Meter. 1970
  49 Distinction Between Heating Rate and Total Heat Absorption in the Microwave-Exposed Mouse. 1982
  50 Effect of 2450 MHz Microwave Exposure on Behavioural Thermoregulation in Mice. 1983
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