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  1 'Giardia' Prevalence in Commercially Trapped Mammals. 1980
  2 Alternative Filtration Methods for Removal of 'Giardia' Cysts and Cyst Models. 1981
  3 Case-Control Study of Waterborne Giardiasis in Reno, Nevada. 1985
  4 Comparing Constant-Rate and Declining-Rate Direct Filtration of a Surface Water. 1986
  5 Comparison of 'Giardia microti' and 'Spironucleus muris' Cysts in the Vole: An Immunocytochemical, Light, and Electron Microscopic Study (Journal Version). 1988
  6 Controlling waterborne giardiasis a state of the art review / 1988
  7 Cross-Species Transmission of 'Giardia spp.: Inoculation of Beavers and Muskrats with Cysts of Human, Beaver, Mouse, and Muskrat Origin. 1988
  8 Cytochemical Methods for Assessing 'Giardia' Cyst Viability. 1987
  9 Detection and Identification of 'Giardia' Cysts Using Immunofluorescence and Phase Contrast Microscopy. 1985
  10 Determination of the use of solid particle samplers for giardia cysts in natural waters / 1983
  11 Disinfection and the Control of Waterborne Giardiasis. 1984
  12 Drinking water criteria document for giardia {microform} / 1984
  13 Drinking Water Transmission of Giardiasis in the United States. 1986
  14 Drinking Water Transmission of Giardiasis in the United States. 1986
  15 Effect of halogens on Giardia cyst viability 1981
  16 Effect of halogens on Giardia cyst viability {microform} / 1981
  17 Encystation and Expression of Cyst Antigens by 'Giardia lamblia' In vitro. 1987
  18 EPA 1983 Portland Giardia Conference, November 14, 15 and 16, 1983 Report. 1984
  19 Experimental Infection of Mongrel Dogs with 'Giardia lamblia' Cysts and Cultured Trophozoites. 1981
  20 Fact Sheet: Information Collection Rule, Summary for the Public 1996
  21 Giardia : human health criteria document / 1998
  22 Giardia and giardiasis : biology, pathogenesis, and epidemiology 1984
  23 Giardia lamblia in water supplies : detection, occurrence, and removal. 1985
  24 Giardia lamblia: Stimulation of Growth by Human Intestinal Mucus and Epithelial Cells in Serumfree Medium (Journal Version). 1987
  25 Giardiasis in Washington State 1982
  26 Giardiasis in Washington State / 1982
  27 Giardiasis surveillance, United States, 1992-1997. 2000
  28 Occurrence of Giardia in Connecticut water supplies and watershed animals / 1985
  29 Outbreak of Waterborne Giardiasis Associated with Heavy Water Runoff Due to Warm Weather and Volcanic Ashfall. 1983
  30 Production of Viable 'Giardia' Cysts in vitro: Determination by Fluorogenic Dye Staining, Excystation, and Animal Infectivity in the Mouse and Mongolian Gerbil (Journal Version). 1988
  31 Small Rodents and Other Mammals Associated with Mountain Meadows as Reservoirs of 'Geardia' spp. and 'Campylobacter' spp. 1987
  32 Status of Waterborne Giardiasis Outbreaks and Monitoring Methods. 1986
  33 Types and Effects of Microbial Contamination of Groundwater. 1989
  34 Use of Immunofluorescence and Phase-Contrast Microscopy for Detection and Identification of 'Giardia' Cysts in Water Samples. 1985
  35 Use of microbial risk assessment in setting U.S. drinking water standards {microform} / 1992
  36 Waterborne 'Giardia' It's Enough to Make You Sick. 1985
  37 Waterborne Disease in Colorado: Three Year Surveillance and 18 Outbreaks. 1985
  38 Waterborne Giardiasis - California, Colorado, Oregon, Pennsylvania. 1980
  39 Waterborne Giardiasis in the United States 1965-1984. 1986
  40 Waterborne Giardiasis: A Communitywide Outbreak of Disease and a High Rate of Asymptomatic Infection. 1980
  41 Waterborne Outbreaks of Giardiasis: Why They Happen, How to Prevent Them. 1988
  42 Waterborne transmission of giardiasis : proceedings of a symposium September 18-20, 1978 / 1979
  43 Waterborne transmission of giardiasis proceedings of a symposium September 18-20, 1978 / {microform} : 1979
  44 Where Does Waterborne Giardiasis Occur, and Why. 1984
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