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  1 Accumulation of dieldrin in an alga (Scenedesmus obliquus), daphnia (Daphnia magna), guppy (Lebistes reticulatus) food chain. 1971
  2 Age-dependent model of PCB in a Lake Michigan food chain 1984
  3 Agricultural production in the United States by county : a compilation of information from the 1974 Census of Agriculture for use in terrestrial food-chain transport and assessment models / 1982
  4 An age-dependent model of PCB in a Lake Michigan food chain / 1984
  5 Analysis of persistence in model ecosystems : deterministic and stochastic food web models / 1984
  6 Analysis Of Persistence In Model Ecosystems deterministic & Stochastic Food Web Models 1984
  7 Analysis of Persistence in Model Ecosystems: Deterministic and Stochastic Food Web Models. 1984
  8 Antarctic nutrient cycles and food webs 1985
  9 Aquatic food webs : an ecosystem approach / 2004
  10 Coastal ecosystem processes / 1997
  11 Communities and ecosystems : linking the aboveground and belowground components / 2002
  12 Comparison of the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, and Aleutian Islands large marine ecosystems through food web modeling {electronic resource} / 2007
  13 Criteria document : aldrin/dieldrin. 1976
  14 Criteria document [for] endrin. 1976
  15 Current trends in food web theory : report on a food web workshop, October 25-27, 1982, Fontana Village Inn, North Carolina 1983
  16 Decline of the Steller sea lion in Alaskan waters untangling food webs and fishing nets / {electronic resource} : 2003
  17 Definition of the origins and fates of organic nitrogen in food webs of Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve 1990
  18 Description of MSNUCY, a computer model combining interspecific interactions with nutrient cycling 1985
  19 Dynamics of nutrient cycling and food webs 1992
  20 Ecological energetics. 1966
  21 Enclosed experimental marine ecosystems : a review and recommendations : a contribution of the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research Working Group 85 / 1990
  22 Eutrophication in planktonic ecosystems : food web dynamics and elemental cycling : proceedings of the Fourth International PELAG Symposium, held in Helsinki, Finland, 26-30 August 1996 / 1998
  23 Eutrophication of Sheltered Bays in a Large Lake. 1971
  24 Experimental evaluation of food chain manipulation as a means for preventing algal blooms in lakes {microfiche} 1990
  25 Flows of energy and materials in marine ecosystems : theory and practice / 1984
  26 Food habits and trophic relationships of a community of fishes on the outer continental shelf 1983
  27 Food web model for Lake Michigan. Part 2. Model formulation and preliminary verification 1975
  28 Food web relationships of Northern Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca : a synthesis of the available knowledge / 1979
  29 Food webs / 2012
  30 Food webs : integration of patterns & dynamics / 1996
  31 Food webs and niche space 1978
  32 Influences of Microbial Populations on Aquatic Nutrient Cycles and Some Engineering Aspects. 1972
  33 Laboratory procedure for estimating residue dynamics of xenobiotic contaminants in a freshwater food chain 1980
  34 Lipids in aquatic ecosystems [electronic resource] / 2009
  35 Lower organisms and their role in the food web : proceedings of the 15th European Marine Biology Symposium, Kiel, Damp 2000, Federal Republic of Germany (September 29-October 3, 1980) 1981
  36 Marine food chains. 1970
  37 Marine food chains; 1970
  38 Modeling support for the Rura and municipal waste combustion projects : final report on sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for the terrestrial food chain model / 1989
  39 National sediment bioaccumulation conference: proceedings, Sept. 11-13, 1996, Bethesda, MD / 1998
  40 Physiology of Acidophilic Bacteria of Acid Mine Water. 1972
  41 Phytoplankton and trophic gradients : proceedings of the 10th workshop of the International Association of Phytoplankton Taxonomy & Ecology (IAP), held in Granada, Spain, 21-29 June 1996 / 1998
  42 Phytoplankton species composition, size structure, and biomass and their possible effect on copepod food availability in the low salinity zone of the San Francisco Bay/Delta Estuary 1998
  43 Polyunsaturated hydrocarbon (3,6,9,12,15,18,-Heneocosahexaene) in the marine food web 1970
  44 Rehabilitation of Lake Ontario the role of nutrient reduction and food web dynamics : based on conclusions and recommendations from Food Web II Workshop, held at Canada Centre for Inland Waters on February 25-27, 1987. 1988
  45 Report on the Workshop on Food-Chain Modeling for Risk Analysis 1985
  46 Role of Aquatic Vascular Plants in the Eutrophication of Selected Lakes in Western Massachusetts. 1967
  47 Role of bioaccumulation in environmental risk assessment the aquatic environment and related food webs. 1995
  48 Size dependent model of hazardous substances in aquatic food chain / 1978
  49 Study of lead, copper, zinc and cadmium contamination of food chains of man. 1972
  50 Study of the detritus pathway : the role of detritus and the associated microbiota in the nutrition of Gammarus minus say (Amphipoda, Gammaridae) / 1971
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