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  1 Accepted industry practice for industrial duct construction 1975
  2 Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of In-Duct Air Cleaners. 1998
  3 Air distribution system design good duct design increases efficiency. [electronic resource] : 2003
  4 Air distribution system installation and sealing proper duct installation increases efficiency. [electronic resource] : 2003
  5 Amplification of 'Penicillium chrysogenum' on Three HVAC Duct Materials. 1996
  6 Biliary Excretion and Tissue Distribution of Cadmium-109 Administered to Rats. 1980
  7 Capital and operating costs of selected air pollution control systems / 1976
  8 Characterizing sink effects in large environmental chambers miroform / 1997
  9 Concentration and Size Distribution of Airborne Dust Particles in a Horizontal Duct Following a Venturi (Benchuri Koho no Suiheikannai ni Okeru Funjin no Bunpu to Ryudo Bunpu). 1973
  10 Condenser and Fan Development for Automotive Rankine Cycle Engines. 1972
  11 Continuous measurement of total gas flowrate from stationary sources / 1975
  12 Development of Specifications for a Motorcycle Dynamometer and Motorcycle Cooling System. Volume I. Design Study. 1976
  13 Duct sealing. 2009
  14 Effectiveness of vacuum cleaning on fungally contaminated duct materials {microform} / 1997
  15 Environmental technology verification biological inactivation efficiency by HVAC in-duct ultraviolet light systems : American Ultraviolet Corporation, DC24-6-120 / {electronic resource} : 2008
  16 Environmental Technology Verification. Biological Inactivation Efficiency by HVAC In-Duct Ultraviolet Light Systems. 2008
  17 Evaluating Residential Air Duct Cleaning and IAQ: Results of a Field Study Conducted in Nine Single Family Dwellings. 1998
  18 Factors Relating to the Release of Stachybotrys Chartarum Spores from Contaminated Sources. 2002
  19 Fibrous glass duct construction standards. 1992
  20 Final Test Report: Main Report and Appendices A-J for USEPA Test Program Conducted at Pine Hall Brick Plant, Madison, North Carolina. 1993
  21 Fungal emission reates and their impact on indoor air {microform} / 1997
  22 HVAC air duct leakage test manual 1985
  23 In-Dust Air Cleaning Devices: Ozone Emission Rates and Test Methodology. 2014
  24 Industrial ventilation a manual of recommended practice / 1986
  25 Industrial ventilation a manual of recommended practice / 1988
  26 Investigating the influence of relative humidity, air velocity, and amplification on the emission rates of fungal spores, {microform} / 1999
  27 Investigation of the Potential Antimicrobial Efficacy of Sealants Used in HVAC Systems. 2000
  28 Manual for Ventilation Assessment in Mechanically Ventilated Commercial Buildings. 1994
  29 Mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings {microform}. 2001
  30 Mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings {online}; 2001
  31 OAQPS control cost manual 1996
  32 On a Numerical Solution of the Integral Equation of Ducted Propellers with a Tip Clearance. 1971
  33 Particulate sampling strategies for large power plants, including nonuniform flow / 1976
  34 Performance evaluation guide for large flow ventilation systems 1984
  35 Performance evaluation guide for large flow ventilation systems / 1984
  36 Phase I Pilot Air Conveyance System Design, Cleaning, and Characterization. 1997
  37 Pilot Air Conveyance System Design, Characterization, and Cleaning. 1996
  38 Pilot Study to Evaluate the Impact of Air Duct Cleaning on Indoor Air Quality in Residences. 1998
  39 Primary gas toxicities and smoke particle characteristics during combustion of mine ventilation ducts development of a test parameter / microform : 1989
  40 Rate Controlling Processes and Enhancement Strategies in Humidification for Duct SO2 Capture Project Summary 1988
  41 Rate Controlling Processes and Enhancement Strategies in Humidification for Duct SO2 Capture. 1988
  42 Recommended procedure for sample traverses in ducts smaller than 12 inches in diameter / 1977
  43 Rectangular industrial duct construction standards. 1980
  44 Research agenda on air duct cleaning {microform} / 1995
  45 Results of a Pilot Field Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Cleaning Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Systems and the Impact on Indoor Air Quality and System Performance. 1997
  46 Round industrial duct construction standards 1999
  47 Should you have the air ducts in your home cleaned? 1997
  48 Source sampling fine particulate matter, institutional oil-fired boiler [electronic resource] / 2007
  49 Standard Measurement Protocols: Florida Radon Research Program. Supplement. 1994
  50 Summary and assessment of published information on determining lead exposures and mitigating lead hazards associated with dust and soil in residential carpets, furniture, and forced air ducts 1997
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