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  1 11th International Coral Reef Symposium : Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, July 7-11, 2008. 2008
  2 2002-03 Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary science report an ecosystem report card after five years of marine zoning / {electronic resource} : electronic resource 2007
  3 A Coral Reef Symposium on Practical, Reliable, Low Cost Monitoring Methods for Assessing the Biota and Habitat Conditions of Coral Reefs, January 26-27, 1995, Annapolis, Maryland / 1996
  4 Arrecifes de coral : una colleccion de actividades en Espanol para estudiantes de escuela intermedia / 1997
  5 Assessment of chemical contaminants in the marine sediments of southwest Puerto Rico {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2007
  6 Atlas of the shallow-water benthic habitats of American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands 2005
  7 Atoll research bulletin {electronic resource}. electronic resource 1951
  8 Bathymetry and selected views of the fringing coral reef, south Moloka'i, Hawaii perspective views using high resolution lidar bathymetry / {electronic resource} : electronic resource 2005
  9 Biological populations as indicators of environmental change. 1992
  10 Biology and geology of coral reefs. 1973
  11 Bottom photographs from the Pulley Ridge Deep Coral Reef [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2004
  12 Characterization of northern Gulf of Mexico deepwater hard bottom communities with emphasis on Lophelia coral Lophelia reef megafaunal community structure, biotopes, genetics, microbial ecology, and geology (2004-2006) / {electronic resource} : electronic resource 2008
  13 Characterization of Northern Gulf of Mexico deepwater hard-bottom communities with emphasis on Lophelia Coral {electronic resource} / 2007
  14 Charting a Course toward Diagnostic Monitoring: A Continuing Review of Coral Reef Attributes and a Research Strategy for Creating Coral Reef Indexes of Biotic Integrity. 2000
  15 Climate Change and Interacting Stressors: Implications for Coral Reef Management in American Samoa. 2007
  16 Climate change it's now or never to save coral reefs / [electronic resource] : electronic resource 2008
  17 Climate impacts on U.S. living marine resources National Marine Fisheries Services concerns, activities and needs / [electronic resource] : electronic resource 2008
  18 Cold-water coral reefs : out of sight, no longer out of mind / 2004
  19 Collection of studies on the effects of the 1997-98 El Ni no-Southern oscillation event on corals and coral reefs in the eastern tropical Pacific 2001
  20 Coral bleaching & local ecological responses [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2008
  21 Coral reef ecosystem monitoring report for American Samoa, 2002-2006 [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2008
  22 Coral reef monitoring manual for the Caribbean and Western Atlantic 1994
  23 Coral reef restoration handbook 2006
  24 Coral reefs & global climate change : potential contributions of climate change to stresses on coral reef ecosystems / 2004
  25 Coral reefs : an English compilation of activities for middle school students / 1997
  26 Coral reefs : journal of the International Society for Reef Studies. 1982
  27 Coral reefs and climate change : science and management / 2006
  28 Coral reefs and your coastal watershed. 1998
  29 Coral reefs challenges and opportunities for sustainable management : proceedings of an associated event of the fifth annual World Bank Conference on Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development / {electronic resource} : electronic resource 1998
  30 Coral reefs of the southern Gulf of Mexico / 2007
  31 Coral reefs of the USA / 2008
  32 Coral reefs valuable but vulnerable / 1992
  33 Deep-water coral reefs : unique biodiversity hot-spots / 2008
  34 Development of Biological Criteria for Coral Reef Ecosystem Assessment. 2005
  35 Effects of Drilling Fluids on Reef Corals: A Review. 1983
  36 Effects of Drilling Mud on the Reef-Building Coral 'Montastrea annularis'. 1982
  37 Effects of globally transported African and Asian dust on coral reef and human health {videorecording} / videorecording 2001
  38 Environmental quality and preservation reefs, corals, and carbonate sands : guides to reef-ecosystem health and environments {electronic resource} : 2000
  39 Environmental Survey of Canton Atoll Lagoon, 1973. 1976
  40 Field Manual for Coral Reef Assessments. 2012
  41 Final report : southeast Florida coral biomarker local action study / 2006
  42 Framework to Assess the Relative Vulnerability of Aquatic Ecosystem Services to Global Stressors. 2002
  43 Guidelines and recommendations for coral reef restoration in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary : workshop report / 1993
  44 Hawaii's state of the reefs, 1998 1999
  45 Hydrographic and meteorological studies of a Caribbean fringing reef at Punta Galeta, Panama hourly and daily variations for 1977-1985 / 1988
  46 Implementation of the national coral reef action strategy report to Congress : report on U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Agency activities from .... [electronic resource] : electronic resource 2005
  47 Implications of climate change for Australia's Great Barrier Reef 2004
  48 In the front line : shoreline protection and other ecosystem services from mangroves and coral reefs / 2006
  49 Induced technological change and climate policy 2004
  50 Long-term monitoring at the East and West Flower Garden Banks, 1996-1997 1999
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