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  1 Activation and Reactivity of Novel Calcium-Based Sorbents for Dry SO2 Control in Boilers (Journal Article). 1989
  2 Association of Automotive Fuel Composition with Exhaust Reactivity. 1973
  3 Behavior of Toxic Metals during Contact of Synthetic Coal Leachates with Maryland Coastal Plain Soil. 1995
  4 Biomass Reactivity in Gasification by the Hynol Process. 1995
  5 Characterization of Advanced Sorbents for Dry SO2 Control (Journal Article). 1988
  6 Chemical characterization of model aerosols / 1976
  7 Chemiluminescent reactive hydrocarbon analyzer for mobile sources / 1975
  8 Comparison of Several Standard Materials and Techniques for the Warren-Averbach Determination of Microstructure Characteristics of Calcium Hydroxide Sorbent Materials. 1990
  9 Determination of rates of reaction in the gas-phase in the troposphere : theory and practice. 3. Rate of indirect photoreaction {microform} / 1992
  10 Determination of rates of reaction in the gas-phase in the troposphere : theory and practice. 4. Rate of indirect photoreaction {microform} / 1992
  11 Determination of rates of reaction in the gas-phase in the troposphere : theory and practice. 5. Rate of indirect photoreaction / 1993
  12 Determination of rates of reaction in the gas-phase in the troposphere : theory and practice. 5. Rate of indirect photoreaction {microform} / 1993
  13 Determination of rates of reaction in the gas-phase in the troposphere theory and practice / 1992
  14 Development and Evaluation of a Source Sampling and Analysis Method for Hydrogen Cyanide. 1997
  15 Development of ozone reactivity scales for volatile organic compounds / 1991
  16 Dual Function Sorbent/Catalyst Design for Energy Efficient Chlorinated VOC Destruction {microform} / 1997
  17 Effect of hydrocarbon composition on oxidant-hydrocarbon relationships : phase II. blend of total hydrocarbon emissions / 1977
  18 Effect of Satellite Lines from the X-ray Source on X-ray Diffraction Peaks. 1991
  19 Effects of Iron Content in Coal Combustion Fly Ashes on Speciation of Mercury. 2001
  20 Electronic Factor in QSAR: MO-Parameters, Competing Interactions, Reactivity and Toxicity. 1994
  21 Emplacement Verification and Long-Term Performance Monitoring for Permeable Reactive Barrier at the USCG Support Center, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 1998
  22 Enhanced Formation of Dioxins and Furans from Combustion Devices by Addition of Trace Quantities of Bromine. 1998
  23 EPA/ITRC-RTDF Permeable Reactive Barrier Short Course. Permeable Reactive Barriers: Application and Deployment. 1999
  24 EPA/ITRC/RTDF permeable reactive barrier short course. 2000
  25 Ester Hydrolysis Rate Constant Prediction from Infrared Interferograms. 1990
  26 Estimation of Electron Affinity Based on Structure Activity Relationships. 1993
  27 Estimation of Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Retention Times from Molecular Structure. 1994
  28 Estimation of Hydrolysis Rate Constants of Carboxylic Acid Ester and Phosphate Ester Compounds in Aqueous Systems from Molecular Structure by SPARC. 2006
  29 Estimation of Ionization Constants of Azo Dyes and Related Aromatic Amines: Environmental Implication. 1994
  30 Evaluating the relation between ozone NOx and hydrocarbons: the method of photochemical indicators {microform} / 1998
  31 Exhaust Emissions from 4-Stroke Lawnmowers: Reformulated Gasoline Impacts. 1997
  32 Experimental and modeling study of the photochemical reactivity of heatset printing oils {microform} / 1987
  33 Field applications of in situ remediation technologies : permeable reactive barriers. 1999
  34 Field Evaluation (First) of VOST and SemiVOST Methods for Selected CAAA Organic Compounds at a Coal-Fired Power Plant. 1997
  35 Field Evaluation at an Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing Facility of VOST and SemiVOST Methods for Selected CAAA Organic Compounds. 1997
  36 Fixed-Bed Control of Mecury; Role of Acid Gases and a Comparison between Carbon-Based, Calcium-Based, and Coal Fly Ash Sorbents. 1998
  37 Full-Scale Desulfurization of Stack Gas by Dry Limestone Injection. Volume III. Appendices I through L. 1973
  38 Geochemical Features of Water-Rock Interactions at the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine, Lake County, California. 1999
  39 Ground water remediation of chromium using zero-valent iron in a permeable reactive barrier {microform} / 1998
  40 Hourly Measurements of VOCs by AutoGC at the New Hendersonville, TN., Southern Oxidants Study Site, June 17-27, 1995. 1996
  41 Improved parameterizations for surface resistance to gaseous dry deposition in regional-scale, numerical models / 1988
  42 Improved Parameterizations For Surface Resistance To Gaseous Dry Deposition In Regional-scale, Numerical Models Project Summary 1988
  43 Indoor Emissions from Conversion Varnishes. 1996
  44 Influence of Reaction Reversibility on Continuous-Flow Extraction by Emulsion Liquid Membranes. 1987
  45 Innovative measures for subsurface chromium remediation : source zone, concentrated plume, and dilute plume / 1997
  46 Investigation of the Reactivities of Limestone to Remove Sulfur Dioxide from Flue Gas. 1970
  47 Kinetic Studies of the Reduction of Aromatic Azo Compounds in Anaerobic Sediment/Water Systems. 1987
  48 Material Compatibility Evaluations of HFC-245ca, HFC-245fa, HFE-125, HFC-236ea, and HFC-236fa. 1997
  49 Mathematical modeling of simulated photochemical smog 1975
  50 Mercury control research : effects of fly ash and flue gas parameters on mercury speciation / 1998
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