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  1 Animal health : livestock and pets. 1984
  2 Bibliography of the Cat. 1974
  3 Can Tissue Anomalies that Occur in Marine Fish Implicate Specific Pollutant Chemicals. 1985
  4 Case of Parakeratosis in Piglets (Przypadek Parakeratozy u Prosiat). 1972
  5 Clinical laboratory animal medicine : an introduction / 1984
  6 Collection of Papers Presented at the Fish Kill Investigation Seminar, Held on January 12-14, 1971. 1971
  7 Commencement Bay deep water sediment investigation, Tacoma, Washington, September 15-17, 1982 / 1983
  8 Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan: Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study. Technical Document, November 1994. 1994
  9 CRC handbook of marine mammal medicine : health, disease, and rehabilitation / 1990
  10 CSDOC (County Sanitation Districts of Orange County) Wastewater Management Program: Environmental Impact Statement (Draft). 1977
  11 Draft Environmental Impact Statement City of Los Angeles Wastewater Facilities Plan. Chapters III, IV, V, and VI. 1977
  12 Draft Environmental Impact Statement City of Los Angeles Wastewater Facilities Plan. Summary of Issues. 1977
  13 Effect of Well-Drilling Fluids of the Physiological Status and Microbial Infection of the Reef Building Coral 'Montastrea annularis'. 1984
  14 Effects of temperature on diseases of salmonid fishes / 1974
  15 Effects of temperature on diseases of salmonid fishes, 1974
  16 Enhancement of Protozoan Pathogen 'Perkinsus marinus' Infections in American Oysters 'Crassostrea virginica' Exposed to the Chemical Carcinogen n-Nitrosodiethylamine (DENA). 1988
  17 Everett Harbor action program, 1989 : action plan / 1989
  18 Fate and effect of oil in the aquatic environment, Gulf Coast region / 1980
  19 First Plague, and Why It Keeps Coming Back. 1981
  20 Goussia girellae N. Sp. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriorina) in the Opaleye, 'Girella nigricans' (Journal Version). 1988
  21 Histological Progression of Hepatic Neoplasia in Rainbow Trout ('Salmo gairdneri'). 1984
  22 Importance of Fish Diseases: An Overview. 1993
  23 Investigating Fish Mortalities. 1970
  24 Marine and Estuarine Pollution. 1983
  25 Marine and Estuarine Pollution. 1980
  26 Marine and Estuarine Pollution. 1979
  27 Merck veterinary manual : a handbook of diagnosis, therapy, and disease prevention and control for the veterinarian / 1991
  28 Mortality, saltwater adaptation and reproduction of fish during gas supersaturation {microform} / 1976
  29 Nearshore fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages along the Strait of Juan de Fuca including food habits of the common nearshore fish : final report of three years' sampling, 1976-1979 / 1980
  30 Neoplasia in Soft-Shell Clams (Mya arenaria) Collected from Oil-Impacted Sites. 1977
  31 Nitrogen supersaturation in the Columbia and Snake Rivers : summary report. 1971
  32 Papillomas on Fish Exposed to Chlorinated Wastewater Effluent. 1984
  33 Parasitic diseases of wild mammals. 1971
  34 Pathobiology of marine and estuarine organisms 1993
  35 Pathobiology of Selected Marine Mammal Diseases. (Chapter 8). 1993
  36 Pathology of two species of flatfish from urban estuaries in Puget Sound / 1982
  37 Potential effects of global climate change on the United States. {microform} Agriculture 1989
  38 Potential effects of global climate change on the United States. {microform} Agriculture, volume 2, 1989
  39 Poultry Disease in Public Health. Review for Epidemiologists. 1960
  40 Proceedings and summary of the workshop on finfish as indicators of toxic contamination / 1986
  41 Prospective Study of Infectious and Noninfectious Diseases in Oysters and Fishes in Three Gulf of Mexico Estuaries. 1985
  42 Protection of Farm Animals, 1979-April 1989. Citations from AGRICOLA Concerning Diseases and Other Environmental Considerations. 1989
  43 Report on the implementation of Section 301(h). 1984
  44 Report on the shrimp virus peer review and risk assessment workshop developing a qualitative ecological risk assessment. 1999
  45 Research perspectives for dolphin mortalities in North America / 1993
  46 Rhabdomyosarcoma in the Japanese Medaka, 'Oryzias latipes' (Temminck and Schlegel) and Guppy, 'Poecilia reticulata' Peters (Journal Version). 1988
  47 Salmonid bioassay of supersaturated dissolved air in water / 1976
  48 Scientific research on diseases and mortalities of dolphins in U.S. waters / 1993
  49 Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Gulf Menhaden, 'Brevoortia patronus' Goode. 1987
  50 State of food and agriculture 2001. 2001
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