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  1 A primer on auto emissions systems for home mechanics / 1977
  2 Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of In-Duct Air Cleaners. 1998
  3 Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Ventilation Air Cleaners. 1995
  4 Air Cleaner Technologies for Indoor Air Pollution. 1988
  5 Air cleaners and indoor air quality. {microform} / 1988
  6 Air Cleaners for Indoor Air Pollution Control (Chapter 10). 1991
  7 Air Cleaning for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. 1995
  8 Airborne particle sizes and sources found in indoor air {microform} / 1990
  9 Airborne Particle Sizes and Sources Found in Indoor Air. 1992
  10 Analysis of IAQ Control Options and the Effects of Sources and Sinks. 1991
  11 Analysis of Mechnical Shaking in Air Filtration. 1961
  12 Characterization of Ozone Emissions from Air Cleaners Equipped with Ozone Genrators and Sensor and Feedback Control Circuitry. 2000
  13 Comparison of Local and Central Controls for Indoor Air Quality. 1991
  14 Developing a Framework for Testing Indoor Air Products. 1999
  15 Developing Guidance for Considering Cost-Effectiveness When Selecting and Designing IAQ Control Approaches. 1998
  16 Effect of Loading Dust Type on the Filtration Efficiency of Elctrostatically Charged Filters. 1999
  17 Effect of Penetration on the Indoor/Outdoor Ratio of Fine Particles. 2000
  18 Effect of Relative Humidity on Gaseous Air Cleaner Media Performance: Toluene Adsorption by Activated Carbon. 1998
  19 Effects of Turbulence and Electrohydrodynamics on the Performance of Electrostatic Precipitators. 1989
  20 Environmental Technology Verification and Indoor Air. 2000
  21 Environmental Technology Verification for Indoor Air Products. 1999
  22 Evaluation of eight novel fine particle collection devices / 1976
  23 Evaluation of eight novel fine particle collection devices {microform} / 1976
  24 Evaluation of In-Room Air Cleaners for Building Protection. 2008
  25 Fractional aerosol filtration efficiency of air cleaners 1993
  26 Fractional penetration of paint overspray arrestors 1997
  27 Fundamental Evaluation of an Electronic Air Cleaner. 1990
  28 IAQPC: An Indoor Air Quality Simulator. 1993
  29 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Model for Windows, RISK (Version 1.0) (for Microcomputers). 1995
  30 Indoor Air Quality Model for Particulate Matter. 2000
  31 Indoor Air Quality Model Version 1.0. 1988
  32 Indoor air quality model, version 1.0 / 1988
  33 Inspector's guide for vehicle emissions control / 1977
  34 Inspector's guide for vehicle emissions control training 1977
  35 Instructor's guide for vehicle emissions control training / 1977
  36 Lone Star Steel steam-hydro air cleaning system evaluation / 1974
  37 Motor vehicle emissions control. Book two, Thermostatic air cleaner systems / 1977
  38 Ozone Generation in dc-Energized Electrostatic Precipitators. 1992
  39 Particle-Size-Dependent Efficiency of Air Cleaners. 1991
  40 Quantitative evaluation of air filtration systems in use at asbestos abatement sites: research in progress {microform} / 1989
  41 Quantitative Evaluation of HEPA Filtration Systems at Asbestos Abatement Sites. 1993
  42 Recommended approach to recirculation of exhaust air 1978
  43 Removal Efficiencies in Terms of Particle Size and Concentration in a Suburban Home of Console Air Cleaners. 1993
  44 Residential Air Cleaners (Second Edition). A Summary of Available Information. 2009
  45 RISK: An IAQ Model for Windows. 1998
  46 Student's workbook for vehicle emissions control training / 1977
  47 Technical assessment of the current tentatively identified compound (TIC) protocol. 1997
  48 Technical issues related to emission releases from subslab radon mitigation systems, {microform} 1989
  49 The inside story : a guide to indoor air quality. 1993
  50 Transparency masters for use with instructor's guide for vehicle emissions control / 1977
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