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  1 Acute and Chronic Effects of Heavy Metals and Cyanide on 'Mysidopsis bahia' (Crustacea:Mysidacea). 1985
  2 Adenocarcinoma of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium in the Guppy 'Poecilia reticulata' Peters. 1992
  3 Ammonia Emissions from the EPA's Light Duty Test Vehicle. 2001
  4 An African savanna : synthesis of the Nylsvley study / 1993
  5 An assessment of cadmium in drinking water from a multi-media perspective / 1979
  6 Analysis of existing wood preserving techniques and possible alternatives 1977
  7 Application of a Hazard-Assessment Research Strategy for Waste Disposal at 106-Mile Ocean Disposal Site (Chapter 14). 1989
  8 Biological risk assessment framework for examining the impacts of oceanic disposal. {microfiche}. 1991
  9 Biotic and Abiotic Degradation Rates of Methyl Parathion in Freshwater and Estuarine Water and Sediment Samples. 1987
  10 Carcinoma of the Exocrine Pancreas in Medaka. 1991
  11 Cellular Pathology of a Granulosis Virus Infection. 1982
  12 Chemical sensing of explosive targets in the Bedford Basin, Halifax Nova Scotia [electronic resource] / 2001
  13 Cholinesterase Response and Symptomatology from Exposure to Organic Phosphorus Insecticides. 1953
  14 Chronic Effects of Cadmium on Two Species of Mysid Shrimp: 'Mysidopsis bahia' and 'Mysidopsis bigelowi'. 1982
  15 Coal tar based materials and their alternatives as interior coatings in potable water tanks and pipelines 1979
  16 Comprehensive assessment of the specific compounds present in combustion processes. national survey of organic emissions from coal fired utility boiler plants / volume 3 : 1983
  17 Connection tables from Wiswesser chemical structure notations--a partial algorithm 1968
  18 Control of composting odors. {microform}. 1995
  19 Convective-Dispersive Transport Model for Wastes Disposed of at the 106-Mile Ocean Disposal Site. (Chapter 5). 1990
  20 Cumulative Impacts of Oil Fields on Northern Alaskan Landscapes (Journal Version). 1987
  21 Definitions and use of the terms flood, floodflow, and baseflow, and use of discharge hydrographic analyses to seperate these components of streamflow, 1964
  22 Determining Pathogen Levels in Sludge Products. 1988
  23 Diseases of vegetable crops. 1952
  24 Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis of Vital Dye (Erythrosin B) Stained Cells. 1984
  25 Environmental impact of polychlorinated biphenyls 1976
  26 Evaluation of selected methods for determining streamflow during periods of ice effect 1991
  27 Exocrine Pancreatic Neoplasms Induced by Methylazoxymethanol Acetate in the Guppy 'Poecilia reticulata'. 1987
  28 Flood-frequency characteristics of Wisconsin streams / 2003
  29 Formaldehyde 1975
  30 Formaldehyde, 1944
  31 Formaldehyde. 1964
  32 Formaldehyde. 1953
  33 Geoscience handbook : AGI data sheets, 4th edition / 2006
  34 Golf course management & construction : environmental issues / 1992
  35 Ground-water resources of the areas in the vicinity of the interchanges on the East-West Ohio Turnpike, 1954
  36 Guide to field storage of biosolids : and other organic by-products used in agriculture and for soil resource management / 2000
  37 Guide to the Federal Part 503 Rule for the Use or Disposal of Sewage Sludge. 1993
  38 Hazard Assessment Research Strategy for Ocean Disposal. 1989
  39 Hydrogen sulfide corrosion in wastewater collection and treatment systems report to Congress : technical report / {microform} : 1991
  40 Immunochemical methods in cell and molecular biology 1987
  41 Introduction to the physiology of crop yield 1989
  42 Ion Beam Etching Effects in Biological Microanalysis. 1982
  43 Lagrangian-Eulerian Approach to Modeling Contaminants. 1986
  44 Livermore Regional Air Quality (LIRAQ) Model; Transfer to EPA. 1980
  45 Manual : combined sewer overflow control. 1993
  46 Multiple DNA Adducts in Lymphocytes of Smokers and Nonsmokers Determined by 32P-Postlabeling Analysis. 1990
  47 Pesticide Residue Analysis in Human Tissue by Combined Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. 1970
  48 Physicochemical Interaction of 'Escherichia coli' Cell Envelopes and 'Bacillus subtilis' Cell Walls with Two Clays and Ability of the Composite to Immobilize Heavy Metals from Solution. 1989
  49 Plant pathology. 1969
  50 Preliminary assessment of antimony in the atmosphere 1976
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