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  1 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Influence on 2,6-Dinitrotoluene-Induced Urine Genotoxicity in Fisher 344 Rats: Effect on Gastrointestinal Microflora and Enzyme Activity. 1992
  2 Application of Fourier transform spectroscopy to air pollution problems : interim report - 1977 / 1978
  3 Binding of Chemical Carcinogens and Mutagens to Rat Hemoglobin. 1980
  4 Binding of Chloroform to the Cysteine of Hemoglobin. 1984
  5 Changes in Conditions at Wildcat Landfill Superfund Site in Delaware Call for Increased EPA Oversight. Evaluation Report. 2010
  6 Commercial development of the ADVACATE process for flue gas desulfurization {microform} / 1990
  7 Comparative Gastrointestinal Enzyme Activity and Activation of the Promutagen 2,6-Dinitrotoluene in Male CD-1 Mice and Male Fischer 344 Rats. 1990
  8 Cytotoxicity of Halogenated Alkanes in Primary Cultures of Rat Hepatocytes from Normal, Partial Hepatectomized, and Preneoplastic/Neoplastic Liver. 1985
  9 Development of test procedures to determine emissions from open burning of agricultural and forestry wastes. microform / 1990
  10 Ecology, Planning, and Management of Urban Forests International Perspectives / [electronic resource] : 2008
  11 Effect of Lindane on Intestinal Nitroreductase, Azoreductase, SS-Glucuronidase, Dechlorinase, and Dehydrochlorinase Activity. 1990
  12 Effect of Nongenotoxic Environmental Contaminants on Cholesterol and DNA Synthesis in Cultured Primary Rat Hepatocytes. 1993
  13 Effects of Age, Species Difference, Antibiotics and Toxicants on Intestinal Enzyme Activity and Genotoxicity. 1993
  14 Electrostatic and Inertial Collection of Aerosol Particles by Water Droplets 1987
  15 Energy : use and conservation in the metals industry : proceedings of a symposium presented at the 104th AIME annual meeting, Americana Hotel, New York, New York, February 16-20, 1975 1975
  16 EPA Should Improve Its Oversight of Long-Term Monitoring at Wheeling Disposal Superfund Site in Missouri. Evaluation Report. 2010
  17 Evaluation of Commercially-Available Portable Gas Chromatographs. 1992
  18 Evaluation of Portable Gas Chromatographs. 1993
  19 Evaluation of Portable Gas Chromatographs. 1993
  20 Evaluation of RADM Predictions for a Mesoscale-beta Box Volume over Northeastern Pennsylvania. 1990
  21 Fungal emission reates and their impact on indoor air {microform} / 1997
  22 Further Development of a Mammalian DNA Alkaline Unwinding Bioassay with Potential Application to Hazard Identification for Contaminants from Environmental Samples. 1988
  23 Guiding Principles for Monte Carlo Analysis. 1997
  24 Harvard's Indoor Air Pollution/Health Study. 1986
  25 Impact of a primary sulfate emission source on air quality 1980
  26 Impact of a primary sulfate emission source on air quality / 1980
  27 Impact of a primary sulfate emission source on air quality {microform} / 1980
  28 Incinerator Operating Parameters which Correlate with Performance. 1986
  29 Initial Verification of the Environmental Protection Agency Indoor Air Quality Model EXPOSURE Version 2. 1991
  30 Investigating the influence of relative humidity, air velocity, and amplification on the emission rates of fungal spores, {microform} / 1999
  31 Mathematical modeling of near coastal circulation 1975
  32 New Approach for Water Reclamation--Complete Treatment of Waste Water by Physico-Chemical Processes. 1972
  33 Potential Climate-Induced Runoff Changes and Associated Uncertainty in Four Pacific Northwest Estuaries. 2012
  34 Potential Water Quantity and Water Quality Impacts of Power Plant Development Scenarios on Major Rivers in the Ohio Basin. 1981
  35 Potentiation of 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Genotoxicity in Fischer 344 Rats by Pretreatment with Pentachlorophenol. 1991
  36 Potentiation of 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Genotoxicity in Fischer 344 Rats by Pretreatment with Pentachlorophenol. 1991
  37 Relationships between Laboratory and Pilot-Scale Combustion of Some Chlorinated Hydrocarbons. 1989
  38 Research and Development Highlights: Mobile Sensors and Applications for Air Pollutants. 2013
  39 Sampling and Analytical Strategies for Organic Emissions Testing of Wet Sources in Small Chambers. 1998
  40 Sperm Count, Morphology and Fluorescent Body Frequency in Autopsy Service Workers Exposed to Formaldehyde. 1984
  41 Spray Combustion Studies of Surrogate Hazardous Waste Incineration. 1988
  42 Statistical analysis of the size and elemental composition of airborne coal mine dust {microform} / 1987
  43 Summary Report for Personal Chemical Exposure Informatics: Visualization and Exploratory Research in Simulations and Systems (PerCEIVERS). 2012
  44 Total bed-material discharge in alluvial channels 1965
  45 Toxicology and risk assessment : principles, methods, and applications / 1996
  46 Vapor Intrusion Health Risks at Bannister Federal Complex Not a Concern for Buildings 50 and 52, Unknown for Other Buildings. Evaluation Report. 2011
  47 Vapor/liquid equilibria of constituents from coal gasification in refrigerated methanol / 1987
  48 Vapor/Liquid Equilibria of Constituents from Coal Gasification in Refrigerated Methanol. 1987

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