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  1 AEERL (Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory) Research Plan on the Global Climate Emissions Assessment and Stabilization Program. 1987
  2 Assessment of potential toxic releases from leather industry dyeing operations / 1978
  3 Biotransformation of Quinoline and Methylquinolines in Anoxic Freshwater Sediment. 1994
  4 Carbon-black dispersion preplating technology for printed wire board manufacturing final technology evaluation report / {microform} : 1993
  5 Change In Terrestrial Ecology Related To A Coal-fired Power Plant Wisconsin Power Plant Impact Study May 1984 1984
  6 Changes in Terrestrial Ecology Related to a Coal-Fired Power Plant: Wisconsin Power Plant Impact Study. 1984
  7 Characterization of municipal waste combustion ash disposal practices and facilities: preliminary summary of seventy-two municipal waste combustion ash disposal facilities by John E. Moerlins, J. Michael Kuperberg, Eugene B. Jones, Roy C. Herndon and Victor W. Lambou and Larry J. Eccles 1988
  8 Chemical characterization of model aerosols / 1976
  9 Condition of South Carolina's Estuarine and Coastal Habitats During 1999-2000. Summary Report. 2002
  10 Condition of South Carolina's Estuarine and Coastal Habitats During 1999-2000. Technical Report. South Carolina Estuarine and Coastal Assessment Program. 2002
  11 Contribution of Area Sources to Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions in Three Urban Areas. 1995
  12 Dechlorination Activity (Cross-Acclimation) of Freshwater Sediments Adapted to Mono- and Di-Chlorophenols. 1994
  13 Design and construction of covers for solid waste landfills / 1979
  14 Detecting evidence of climate change in the forests of the eastern United States {electronic resource} / 2008
  15 Development of a Database Characterizing U.S. Coal Reserves by Their Sulfur Reduction Potential Through Physical Coal Cleaning. 1987
  16 Development of drainage assessment procedures based on physical features in Illinois : final report, project no. A-011-ILL, June 1, 1965-June 30, 1968 / 1969
  17 Emissions and cost estimates for globally significant anthropogenic combustion sources of NOx, N2O, CH4, CO, and CO2{microform} / 1990
  18 Energy Supply, Demand/Need and the Gaps Between. Volume I. An Overview. 1974
  19 Energy Supply, Demand/Need and the Gaps Between. Volume II. Monograph, Working Papers and Appendix Papers. 1974
  20 Energy supply, demand/need, and the gaps between / 1975
  21 EPA's urban area source research program a status report on preliminary research / 1995
  22 Episodic Acidification and Associated Fish and Benthic Invertebrate Responses in Five Northern Appalachian Streams: An Interim Report of the Episodic Response Project. 1991
  23 Estimating Performance and Costs of Retrofit SO2 and NOx Controls for Acid Rain Abatement. 1988
  24 Estimating Performance/Costs of Retrofitting Control Technologies at 12 Coal-Fired Power Plants. 1987
  25 Estimation of hazardous air pollutant emissions from municipal sewer systems / 1995
  26 Estimation of radon potential in the Pacific Northwest using geological data 1989
  27 European Activities in SO2 and NOx Emission Control. 1987
  28 Evaluation of an Electrodialytic Process for Purification of Hexavalent Chromium Solutions. 1994
  29 Evaluation of NOx Emissions from TVA Coal-Fired Power Plants. 1991
  30 Feeding and survival strategies of estuarine organisms 1981
  31 Final report on impact of organic solvents on the integrity of clay liners for industrial waste disposal pits : implications for groundwater contamination 1979
  32 Full-scale field evaluation of waste disposal from coal-fired electric generating plants / 1985
  33 Global Inventory of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources. 1992
  34 Guide to the disposal of chemically stabilized and solidified waste / 1980
  35 Heterotrophic Bacteria of the Freshwater Neuston and Their Ability to Act as Plasmid Recipients under Nutrient Deprived Conditions. 1991
  36 Identifying sources of subsurface nitrate pollution with stable nitrogen isotopes / 1979
  37 Illinois highway and agricultural drainage laws, 1963
  38 In-depth survey report: control technology for Gallium Arsenide processing at M/A-COM, Lowell, Massachusetts {microform} / 1989
  39 Influence of Redox Potential on the Anaerobic Biotransformation of Nitrogen-Heterocyclic Compounds in Anoxic Freshwater Sediments (Revised). 1994
  40 Intercomparison of Optical Remote Sensing Systems for Roadside Measurements of Nitric Oxide. 1999
  41 Interfacing nonpoint source programs with the conservation reserve : guidance for water quality managers / 1988
  42 Landfill gas production from large landfill simulators / 1984
  43 Landfill gas production from large landfill simulators {microform} / 1984
  44 Lead and cadmium levels in blood of Baltimore, Maryland City public school teachers : World Health Organization/United Nations environmental programs / 1983
  45 Leaking underground storage tanks : remediation with emphasis on in situ biorestoration / 1987
  46 Materials for oxygenated wastewater treatment plant construction / 1978
  47 Measuring the Climate Impact of Residential Buildings: GreeenPoint Rated Climate Calculator Version 2. 2012
  48 Method for Estimating Methane Emissions from Underground Coal Mines: Preliminary Findings. 1990
  49 Mobile Source Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions in the Seattle-Tacoma Urban Area. 1994
  50 Monitoring environmental impacts of the coal and oil shale industries : research and developments needs / 1977
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