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  1 Analysis of the Economics of Water Supply in the Washington Metropolitan Area. 1980
  2 Baseline characterization and emissions control technology assessment of HD gasoline engines 1972
  3 Characterizing the effect of chlorine and chloramines on the formation of biofilm in a simulated drinking water distribution system {microform} / 1999
  4 Climatologic, soil-water, ground-water, geologic, surface-water, and water-quality data for a surface coal mine in northwestern Colorado {microform} / microform 1993
  5 Computer cost models for potable water treatment plants / 1978
  6 Controlling disinfection by-products and microbial contaminants in drinking water 2001
  7 Cost and capability of technologies for small systems {microform} / 1989
  8 Cost of small supply treatment systems 1981
  9 Costs for water supply distribution system rehabilitation [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2002
  10 Decision support system for drinking water research using microcomputers and mainframes 1988
  11 Description of techniques to drill, complete, and develop wells and to test and sample aquifers at a surface coal mine in northwestern Colorado 1993
  12 Determinants and Options for Water Distribution System Management: A Cost Evaluation. 1982
  13 Development and application of a water supply cost analysis system / 1980
  14 Development and application of a water supply cost analysis system ; volume II / 1980
  15 Development of a User Charge and Cost Monitoring System for Wastewater Collection and Treatment: A Case Study. 1983
  16 Drinking Water Cost Equations Project Summary 1983
  17 Drinking Water Cost Equations. 1982
  18 Evaluating Costs and Benefits of Alternative Disinfectants. 1981
  19 Facilitated transport of inorganic contaminants in ground water. Part II, Colloidal transport / 1991
  20 Facilitated transport of inorganic contaminants in ground water. {microfiche} Colloidal transport 1991
  21 Fugitive particulate emissions from hazardous waste sites 1984
  22 Health aspects of castor bean dust; review and bibliography {by} Edwin {sic} M. Apen, Jr. {et al. {microform} 1967
  23 Intergovernmental approaches to solid waste management / 1971
  24 Investment decision model for control technology 1972
  25 Lake Michigan Intensive Survey 1976-1977 Management Report. 1981
  26 Management and measurement of 'DO' in impoundments / unmediated 1966
  27 Management information for solid waste collection / 1972
  28 Managing small water systems : a cost study, volume 1. microform 1979
  29 Managing small water systems: a cost study. Volume II / unmediated 1979
  30 Mathematical analysis of the kinetics of viral inactivation 1974
  31 Package plants: a cost effective solution to small water system treatment needs 1980
  32 Package Plants: A Cost-Effective Solution to Small Water System Treatment Needs. 1981
  33 Package water treatment plants : vol. I - a performance evaluation / 1980
  34 Package water treatment plants. 1980
  35 Predicting the inactivation of giardia lamblia a mathematical and statistical model / {microform} : 1989
  36 Predicting toxic waste concentrations in community drinking water supplies analysis of vulnerability to upstream industrial discharges / {microform} : 1984
  37 Removing Trihalomethanes from Drinking Water - An Overview of Treatment Techniques. 1981
  38 Small Water Systems: Role of Technology. 1979
  39 Strategies for monitoring the bacteriological quality of water supply in dristribution system, {microform} / 1989
  40 Synthetic organic chemical removal by granular activated carbon {microform} / 1987
  41 Systems simulation and solid waste planning : a case study / 1973
  42 The cost of removing chloroform and other trihalomethanes from drinking water supplies / 1977
  43 Toxic screening models for drinking water utility management {microform} / 1987
  44 Translating research into practice: the drinking water industry {microform} 1989
  45 Treatment for the Control of Organic Chemical Contamination of Drinking Water: Cost and Performance. 1983
  46 Treatment techniques for controlling trihalomethanes in drinking water / 1981
  47 Treatment technologies for controlling trihalomethanes in drinking water. {Microfiche} 1981
  48 Urban solid waste management : economic case study / unmediated 1972
  49 Water Supply Cost Model Incorporating Spatial Variables. 1981
  50 Water supply simulation model, volumes I, II, and III 1984
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