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  1 A study to evaluate techniques of assessing air pollution damage to paints / 1972
  2 Agroecosystem pilot field program plan - 1992 / unmediated 1994
  3 An Introduction to ground-water tracers / 1985
  4 Analysis of Specialized Pesticide Problems Invertebrate Control Agents - Efficacy Test Methods. Volume III. General Soil Treatments. 1977
  5 Anomalies in the Enumeration of Starved Bacteria on Culture Media Containing Nalidixic Acid and Tetracycline. 1990
  6 Black's law dictionary : definitions of the terms and phrases of American and English jurisprudence, ancient and modern / 1979
  7 Black's law dictionary definitions of the terms and phrases of American and English jurisprudence, ancient and modern / 1983
  8 California's forest resources, 2001-2005 five-year forest inventory and analysis report / [electronic resource] : electronic resource 2008
  9 Cellular Toxicity in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Cultures. 2. A Statistical Appraisal of Sensitivity with the Rabbit Alveolar Macrophage, Syrian Hamster Embryo, BALB 3T3 Mouse, and Human Neonatal Fibroblast Cell Systems. 1983
  10 Comparison of vapor concentrations of volatile organic compounds with ground-water concentrations of selected contaminants in sediments beneath the Sudbury River, Ashland, Massachusetts, 2000 2002
  11 Computer Use in Research for Data Analysis. 1984
  12 Contribution of Area Sources to Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions in Three Urban Areas. 1995
  13 Cytogenetic Analyses of Mice Exposed to Dichloromethane. 1990
  14 Cytogenetic Studies of Mice Exposed to Styrene by Inhalation. 1992
  15 Data-Based Water Quality Information System. 1988
  16 Database Management Techniques to Ensure Project Integrity. Annual SAS Users Group International Conference (14th). Held in San Francisco, California on April 9-12, 1989. 1989
  17 Densification of refuse-derived fuels : preparation, properties and systems for small communities / 1981
  18 Design Modifications to the Source Assessment Sampling System. 1981
  19 Development and Application of a Research Database for Drinking Water Systems Evaluation. 1989
  20 Development of analytical reference materials for refuse-derived fuels / unmediated 1980
  21 Dewatering alternatives for potato wastes a preliminary study / 1978
  22 Effects of Acrylamide on Mouse Germ-Line and Somatic Cell Chromosomes. 1989
  23 EMAP-Virginian Province four-year assessment (1990-93) {microform} / John F. Paul ... {et al.}. microform John F Paul 1999
  24 EMAP-Virginian province, four year assessment 1990-1993 / 1999
  25 Encyclopedia of minerals 1990
  26 Environmental control of cell synthesis and function: the 5th International Symposium on the Continuous Culture of Micro-organisms, held at St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford, July 1971; 1972
  27 Environmental Protection Agency's Direct/Delayed Response Project: The Role of a Geographic Information System. 1987
  28 Fate and Survival of Microbial Pest Control Agents in Nontarget Aquatic Organisms. 1993
  29 Fate of 'Bacillus sphaericus' 2362 Spores Following Ingestion by Nontarget Invertebrates. 1991
  30 Fate, transport, and ecological impacts of airborne contaminants in western national parks (USA) {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2008
  31 Field Manual for Coral Reef Assessments. 2012
  32 Field Operations and Quality Assurance/Quality Control for Direct/Delayed Response Project Soil Mapping Activities in the Southern Blue Ridge Region. 1988
  33 Financing Assistance Available for Small Public Water Systems. 1993
  34 Further Evidence That Dichloromethane Does Not Induce Chromosome Damage. 1990
  35 Genotoxicity of Inhibitors of DNA Topoisomerases I (Camptothecin) and II (m-AMSA) In vivo and In vitro. 1990
  36 Geology and resources of the frontal belt of the western Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma 1990
  37 Global Ecosystems Database. Version 0.1 (Beta-test). EPA Global Climate Research Program. NOAA/NGDC Global Change Database Program. Prototype 1. Database Documentation. NGDC Key to Geophysical Records Documentation No. 25. 1991
  38 Groundwater resources of Idaho 1981
  39 Guidance document : higher-tier aquatic risk assessment for pesticides : from the SETAC-Europe/OECD/EC workshop, held at Lacanau Ocean, France, 19-22 April 1998 / 1999
  40 Identification of Organic N-Chloramines In vitro in Stomach Fluid from the Rat After Chlorination. 1990
  41 Improving the recruitment, retention, and utilization of federal scientists and engineers : a report to the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government / 1993
  42 Introduction to Ground-Water Tracers Project Summary 1986
  43 Introduction to ground-water tracers {microform} / 1985
  44 Investigation of the Potential Source Area, Contamination Pathway, and Probable Release History of Chlorinated-Solvent-Contaminated Groundwater at the Capital City Plume Site, Montgomery, Alabama, 2008-2010. Scientific investigations rept 2011
  45 Literature review of greenhouse gas emissions from biogenic sources {microform} / 1990
  46 Long-Term Effects of Land Application of Domestic Wastewater: Tooele, Utah, Slow Rate Site. Volume 2: Engineering Soil Properties. 1979
  47 Manager's guide to speaking and listening; the integrated approach, 1967
  48 Manual for deicing chemicals storage and handling / {microform} : 1974
  49 Medical statistics a commonsense approach / 1993
  50 Methane emissions from the natural gas industry, volume 3. General methodology, {microform} / 1996
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