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EPA's Vessels Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) Home Page

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Click on the eNOI logo to enter EPA's electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) system.

For information on the 2008 VGP one time report, please click here.

Table of Contents for EPA's Vessels eNOI Home Page

Accessing EPA's 2013 VGP eNOI System

To submit documents to EPA as required under the 2013 VGP, owner/operators must access EPA’s eNOI system. All owner/operators are required to submit information electronically through the eNOI system unless they obtain a temporary waiver from electronic reporting (in which case paper reports may be submitted to the address identified in Part 4.4.1 of the 2013 VGP. To access EPA’s eNOI system, users must first register through EPA’s central data exchange (CDX) system. Once registered, users can access EPA’s 2013 VGP eNOI system and log in with the CDX username and password.

Important: If you are covered by the 2008 VGP, please note that permit expires at midnight on December 19, 2013. To ensure continued and uninterrupted permit coverage, you must submit an NOI under the 2013 VGP no later than December 12, 2013. The 2013 VGP eNOI system can be accessed using the link above.

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Batch Submission of NOIs under the 2013 VGP

For anyone who has to submit NOIs for more than about ten vessels at the same time, EPA provides users with two options. The first option is to download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Users fill in their vessel(s) data in the spreadsheet and then click a button to generate a file that can be uploaded to EPA. The second option is only suitable for users who have Extensible Markup Language (XML) expertise. This second option requires users to download an XML Schema and a data exchange dictionary/template to create an XML file containing their vessel information. Once users have successfully uploaded their NOI information using either of these two options, they can then review and certify their submissions from within the 2013 VGP eNOI System.

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Transfer of Ownership under the 2013 VGP

If the owner/operator of a vessel changes, the new owner/operator must file a new NOI for the vessel to retain permit coverage for that vessel (i.e., to transfer ownership). To ensure uninterrupted permit coverage, the new NOI documenting the transfer should be submitted by the new owner/operator at least 7 days prior to the previous owner/operator terminating the existing NOI for that vessel. Owner/operators can transfer permit coverage using EPA’s eNOI system and answering “yes” to the question in the eNOI system asking if this NOI is for a transfer of ownership and then completing the rest of the NOI with the new owner/operator information.

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Accessing EPA’s 2008 VGP eNOI System

To submit an electronic NOI to EPA between now and December 19, 2013 for coverage under the 2008 VGP, owner/operators must access EPA’s 2008 eNOI system. Users should submit information electronically through the eNOI system to the extent possible. To access EPA’s 2008 eNOI system, users must first register through EPA’s central data exchange (CDX) system and then once registered, users can associate their account with “SWENOI: Stormwater Notice of Intent for MSGP, NOE, LEW, and 2008 VGP” to establish a link to the 2008 VGP eNOI system. Once that link is established, users can select “Stormwater/Vessels eNOI” as one of their roles and then select “Vessels eNOI” to enter NOI data for the 2008 VGP.

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Vessels eNOI Search

EPA has posted all NOIs for the 2013 and 2008 VGP. Click on the 2013 VGP eNOI Search or the 2008 VGP eNOI Search to search, sort and view those NOIs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who must submit an NOI for coverage under the 2013 VGP?

If your vessel is greater than or equal to 300 gross tons or the vessel has the capacity to hold or discharge more than 8 cubic meters (2,113 gallons) of ballast water, you must submit a complete and accurate NOI electronically in accordance with the requirements of Part of the 2013 VGP. Permit coverage will take effect seven days after submission of that NOI electronically (or 30 days after if you submit a paper NOI based on EPA having granted you a waiver from using the electronic NOI system consistent with Part 1.14 of the 2013 VGP). For vessels covered under the 2008 VGP and wanting to continue coverage under the 2013 without interruption, NOIs are due on or before December 12, 2013 (i.e., seven days before the effective date of the permit) or November 19, 2013 (i.e., 30 days before if you have been granted a waiver from using the electronic system). Please be aware that vessels that submitted an NOI for coverage under the 2008 VGP will NOT automatically be authorized under the 2013 VGP; a new NOI for the 2013 VGP is still required.

If your vessel is less than 300 gross tons and your vessel does not have the capacity to hold or discharge more than 8 cubic meters (2,113 gallons) of ballast water, you do not need to submit an NOI. However, to obtain and retain permit coverage in these instances, you must complete the Permit Authorization and Record of Inspection (PARI) form found in Appendix K of the 2013 VGP and keep a copy of that form onboard your vessel at all times.

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Will I receive acknowledgment that my NOI was received and granted?

If the NOI is submitted electronically, the system will provide an e-mail confirmation to the certifying official that the NOI was received and that discharges are authorized under the permit in seven days unless EPA notifies the certifying official otherwise and in writing.

If the NOI is submitted in paper form, EPA will not provide confirmation of receipt. EPA will only provide a notification of whether coverage has been authorized or if further review is required. 

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For what reason should an owner/operator submit a modification to a previously submitted NOI?

Vessel owner/operators that have submitted an NOI should submit a revised NOI if any of the following changes: the vessel name, US Coast Guard vessel identification number, vessel call sign, flag state, or port of registry.

If the vessel owner/operator changes, then the new owner/operator is required to submit a new NOI as described above on the “Transfer of Ownership” discussion.

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Who must submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) under the 2013 VGP?

Any owner/operator who was required to submit an NOI (see above) is required to submit an NOT to terminate coverage under the 2013 VGP within 30 days after one or more of the following three conditions (as described in Part of the 2013 VGP):

  • A new owner/operator has taken over responsibility for the vessel
  • You have permanently ceased operating the vessel in waters subject to this permit and there are no longer vessel discharges incidental to the normal operation of the vessel in such waters, or
  • You have obtained coverage under an individual permit or alternative general permit for all discharges required to be covered by an NPDES permit.

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Who is required to sign and certify NOIs and other VGP reports?

As referenced in Part 4.2 of the 2013 VGP, Federal regulations, at 40 CFR 122.22, establish requirements for who is to sign and certify required reports. Consistent with those regulations, a responsible corporate officer (of a corporation), a principle executive or ranking elected official (for a public agency), or a general partner or the proprietor (for a partnership or sole proprietorship) must sign and certify any NOI form. If you are the certifying official who will be signing an NOI but you do not have an eNOI account, you must register to access the eNOI system through EPA’s central data exchange (CDX) interface. Other reports required by the VGP (e.g., the NOT and annual reports) must be signed by either a certifying official (as described above) or by a duly authorized representative of that person. In these instances, the authorization must be made in writing by the certifying official and must identify the duly authorized representative either by name or by a position having responsibility for the overall operation of the regulated activities. This written authorization must be retained, either electronically or in paper form, on the vessel, or for barges, on the accompanying tug.

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For More Information

Vessel General Permit Home Page - Click here for more information about the 2008 VGP.

Monitoring and Reporting - Click here for information on how to submit monitoring results and other reports to EPA.

CDX Registration Frequently Asked Questions - Click here for answers to commonly asked questions about CDX registration.

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When submitting questions about the VGP eNOI system, please include your NPDES permit tracking number, if you have one. If your question is about specific contents of an NOI or report, please send those comments to the email address shown below specific to the permit itself.

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EPA Regional Representative - Click here to see the contact information for your EPA regional representative.

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