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EPA Image Welcome to the Water Locator Tool

This "Water Locator Tool" website is designed to help you locate your receiving water and to determine whether that waterbody is considered "impaired" under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.

This information is needed to properly fill out your NOI. You will be using your facility address and/or facility lattitude-longitude to determine which waterbodies are closest to your facility location.

The Water Locator Tool leads you through a series of steps to help you answer the questions in your Notice of Intent (NOI) regarding your receiving water by providing the following information:

  • STEP 1: Where is your facility located?
  • STEP 2: Which water(s) receive stormwater from my facility?

EPA's current Water Locator Tool only provides coverage for the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and is not available for American Samoa, Alaska, Guam and Northern Mariana Islands.

Note: A new Water Locator Tool is currently under development and will replace this tool shortly.

STEP 1: Where is your facility located?

Provide the information for either A or B below:

A. Enter your facility's address

Address 2:
Zip Code:
B. Enter your facility's latitude and longitude
If necessary, use a conversion tool to convert your latitude and longitude into decimals. For example, EPA Disclaimer
Latitude: ° N
Longitude: ° W  

STEP 2: Which water(s) receive stormwater from my facility?

To view an on-line map of waters in the vicinity of your facility, click on the "Go To: My WATERS Mapper" button (Page will open in a new window. You must disable pop-up blocking in your web browser).

Once the new window opens, follow these directions to locate potential waters that receive stormwater from your facility:

  • The map will automatically identify your location based on the information provided in Step 1.
  • Use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to zoom in or out on your location.
  • Water(s) will be displayed on the map in blue. Note: if the water is impaired the water will be displayed in red.
  • Click on the water to identify additional features, such as the name and hydrologic unit code.
  • If the name is unavailable, you will need to consult another mapping resource, such as U.S.G.S. quadrangle maps.

Keep a list of the water(s) closest to your facility for Step 2. You should verify information obtained from EPA mapping systems by double-checking the information against local mapping resources (e.g., U.S.G.S. quadrangle maps, or other topographic maps) and/or knowledge of the property and landscape. In some cases, the closest water to your facility may not receive stormwater from your facility based on actual topographic conditions.


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