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Case Studies and Projects

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With the challenges of climate change, impaired waters, population and development growth, transportation entities need to think outside the right-of-way and begin approaching stormwater on a broader, watershed scale. New and redevelopment projects should not only alter or create new conveyance systems, but examine effective stormwater best management practices (BMPs), including green infrastructure and green street techniques to reduce stormwater flow. There are many ways to incorporate these techniques, such as creating pervious biking/walking paths and curbside vegetation, such as bioretention areas.

Here you will find case studies, projects, and examples of good practices that help manage stormwater. Every month a new transportation-specific management practice will be posted to help generate new ideas for improving stormwater management.

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Highway / Interstate

Compost as an Erosion Control - Idaho and Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) usage of compost erosion control techniques.

Compost Use on State Highway Applications (PDF) (16 pp, 1.5MB) - This report provides benefits, tools, and Sate DOT case studies of compost use for roadside applications.

Local Roads / Streets

Complete Streets Early Success Stories - Learn how transportation agencies are instituting complete streets policies, providing a more balanced transportation infrastructure resulting in reduced vehicle-related pollutants and providing opportunities for improved stormwater management.

Street Reconstruction with Pervious Pavement Blocks (PDF) (6 pp, 210K) - This project as part of Portland Green Streets uses a variety of pavement materials to show how these materials manage stormwater and maintain as a street surface.

Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue Revitalization Project - DC DOT is implementing a model green streets for the District of Columbia.


The Chicago Green Alley Handbook (PDF) (25 pp, 3.65MB) - The Chicago DOT is working on a green streets pilot project to construct and measure the performance of a complete street/green street infrastructure.

Shared Use Paths

Transportation Enhancement Project (PDF) (39 pp, 455K) - The beautification of 92nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon included the construction of sidewalk, bike lane, lighting, and stormwater quality, and detention swales.

Springwater on the Willamette Trail - This bike trail in Portland, Oregon was constructed from porous asphalt to capture stormwater (page 4).

Outfall Specific

Stormwater Curb Extension (PDF) (6 pp, 195K) - The Portland Bureau of Transportation retrofitted a residential collector into a vegetative curb extension. This project incorporates a ramp for pedestrian use and captures, treats, and infiltrates runoff.

Stormwater Planters - As part of Portland Green Street projects, a series of stormwater planters are structured such that intense storm events can still be captured while maintaining pedestrian circulation and street parking.

Coastal Stormwater BMPs - NC DOT works with Kure Beach to reduce stormwater using a dune infiltration system.

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