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WQBELs Part III—Determine the Need for WQBELs

(47 minutes viewing time; 20 minutes to complete quiz)

The presentation you are about to view covers the topic "Establishing Water Quality-based Effluent Limitations in NPDES Permits—Determine the Need for WQBELs." This presentation is Part III of a four-part series on establishing water quality-based effluent limitations. Gaining an understanding of the content of the first two presentations in the series is highly recommended before viewing this presentation. Here is what you should already know before viewing this presentation:

  1. You should know the basic components of an NPDES permit.
  2. You should have some understanding of how technology-based effluent limitations are developed.
  3. You should have background knowledge of water quality standards, particularly numeric aquatic life criteria, and their relationship to NPDES permits and effluent limitations.
  4. You should have some knowledge of the basic interactions between point source discharges and a stream, lake, or other body of water.
  5. You should understand the concepts of dilution and regulatory mixing zones.

Here is how you navigate through the presentation:

Use the TABS on the left-hand side of the screen to choose an outline, thumbnails, or notes view. If you want to comment or ask a question, click the email link to contact the instructor. You can pause or go back to a previous slide much like using a DVD player. Hitting the "UP ARROW" or "DOWN ARROW" will go back to the beginning of the previous slide or move to the beginning of the next slide.

There is a 10-question quiz at the end of this presentation. A passing score is 80 out of 100 points. The questions on the quiz have different point values based on level of difficulty. The point value for each question is indicated as that question in presented in the quiz. If you do not pass the quiz, you are automatically returned to the beginning of the presentation. From there, you are able to move through the presentation and review any slides you would like to review before repeating the quiz.

Click on this link to begin the presentation entitled: Determine the Need for WQBELs.

Click here to download a pdf file of this presentation (PDF, 24 pp, 623 KB) .

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