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Build Your NCER Personalized Research Page!

Welcome to the NCER Site Customization tool. Personalization of your NCER homepage allows you to more easily view new items
added to the NCER page in topic categories of interest to you. By selecting various preset topics or creating your own customized
searches you can keep current with all new information posted to the NCER site.

View an example of a personalized page to see what the topic pick list and customized searches will return for you
on the personalized page. This function will basically save you the trouble of constructing searches on topics that you have
a long term interest in each time you log on. The personlized page also reports news, calendar of events and open RFAs in
addition to topical and custom search updates. The page can be adjusted to display or remove any of these categories and
to adjust the time period over which to search for new information.

If you have already configured your NCER Personalized Research Page, enter your e-mail address
and password and click find me and we will recover your settings.
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NCER Categories
Grant/Fellowship Announcements
Includes announcements of all grant and fellowship opportunities sponsored in whole or in part by NCER.

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)
Includes all updates to SBIR information, including project updates, announcements, new on-line documents, etc.

Air Research includes:
Air Toxics
Indoor Air Quality
Health Effects of Particulate Matter
Air Pollution Chemistry and Physics
Drinking Water includes:
Drinking Water
Health Effects of Arsenic
Water and Watersheds includes:
Water and Watersheds
Risk Based Decisions for Contaminated Sediments
Ecological Assessment includes:
Ecological Assessment
Regional Multi-scale Ecological Assessment
Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms
Indicators for Global Climate Change
Endocrine Disruptors
Human Health includes:
Human Health Risk Assessment
Role of Interindividual Variation in Human Susceptibility
Children's Environmental Health includes:
Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention
Exposure of Children to Pesticides
Children's RFA: Sensitive Sub-populations
P2 and New Technologies includes:
Technology for a Sustainable Environment
Program on Bioremediation
Hexavalent Chromium Risk Reduction
Social and Economic Sciences includes:
Decision Making and Valuation on Environmental Policy
Environmental Statistics
High Performance Computing
Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT)
General Solicitation: Exploratory Research includes:
Environmental Biology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Engineering
Human Health


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