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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Effects of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services Provided by Coral Reefs and Tidal Marshes

In Response to a FY2004 Request for Applications

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R832224
Effects of Climate Change On Ecosystem Services Provided By Hawaiian Coral Reefs Jokiel, Paul L.
Buddemeir, Robert
Cesar, Herman
Fautin, Daphne
Beukering, Pieter van
University of Hawaii at Honolulu,Cesar Environmental Economics Consulting,University of Kansas,Vrije Universiteit May 2005 -
April 2009  
2 R832222
Linking Impacts of Climate Change to Carbon and Phosphorus Dynamics Along a Salinity Gradient in Tidal Marshes Vile, Melanie A.
Neubauer, Scott C.
Velinsky, D. J.
Weston, Nathaniel
Villanova University,Academy of Natural Sciences,University of South Carolina at Columbia April 2005 -
April 2008
(Extended to April 2010)  
3 R832220
Effect of Sea Level Rise and Climate Variability on Ecosystem Services of Tidal Marshes Craft, C. B.
Ehman, Jeffrey
Joye, Samantha
Park, Richard
Pennings, Steven
Indiana University - Bloomington,Eco Modeling,Pangaea Information Technologies, Ltd.,University of Georgia,University of Houston April 2005 -
June 2009  
4 R832221
Climate-Linked Alteration of Ecosystem Services in Tidal Salt Marshes of Georgia and Louisiana Hester, Mark W.
Alber, Merryl
Joye, Samantha
Mendelssohn, Irving A.
University of Louisiana at Lafayette,University of New Orleans,Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge,University of Georgia March 2005 -
September 2009  
5 R832223
Connectivity in Marine Seascapes: Predicting Ecological and Socioeconomic Costs of Climate Change on Coral Reef Ecosystems Sanchirico, James N.
Broad, Kenneth
Brumbaugh, Dan
Hastings, Alan
Micheli, Fiorenza
Mumby, Peter J.
Resources for the Future,American Museum of Natural History,Stanford University,University of California - Davis,University of Exeter,University of Miami March 2005 -
February 2008
(Extended to June 2009)  

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