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Fire, Climate, and Air Quality

Request for Applications closing date: July 22, 2004

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R832275
Investigation of the Effects of Changing Climate on Fires and the Consequences for U.S. Air Quality, Using a Hierarchy of Chemistry and Climate Models Logan, Jennifer A.
Byun, Daewon
Diner, David
Jacob, Daniel J.
Li, Qinbin
Mazzoni, Dominic M.
Mickley, Loretta J.  
Harvard University, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, University of Houston April 2005 -
March 2008
(Extended to March 2010)  
2 R832276
Interaction of Ecosystems, Fires, Air Quality and Climate Change in the Southeast Wang, Yuhang
Liu, Yongqiang
Russell, Armistead G.
Tian, Hanqin  
Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus, Auburn University Main Campus, USDA Forest Service April 2005 -
March 2009  
3 R832277
Investigation of the Interactions between Climate Change, Biomass, Forest Fires, and Air Quality with an Integrated Modeling Approach Shankar, Uma
Arunachalam, Sarav
Baek, Bok Haeng
Binkowski, Francis S.
Fox, Douglas G.
Hanna, Adel
Holland, Andy
Mattocks, Craig
McKenzie, Donald
McNulty, Steve
Prestemon, Jeff
Ran, Limei
Seppanen, Catherine
Vukovich, Jeff
Xiu, Aijun  
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Colorado State University, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service March 2005 -
March 2008
(Extended to March 2009)  

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