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Extramural Research

Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Superfund Minority Institutions Program: Hazardous Substance Research

Request for Applications closing date: July 3, 2002

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R830843
Risk Communication in Community Participation: Comparing Regional Programs in South Florida Light, Alfred R.
Espino, Maria Dolores
Saint Thomas University November 2003 -
October 2005  
2 R831071
Environmental Risk Assessment of Phosphate-Based Remedial Technology in Metal Contaminated Urban and Mining Areas in a Selected Missouri Superfund Site Yang, John
Campbell, Marjorie
Eivazi, Frieda
Lincoln University-MO,Missouri Department of Natural Resources,University of Missouri - Columbia October 2003 -
December 2006
(Extended to October 2007)  
3 R831072
Agronomic Optimization for Phytoremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Nedunuri, Krishnakumar
Lowell, Cadance
Okunade, Samuel
Shann, Jodi R.
Vonderheide, Anne
Central State University,University of Cincinnati October 2003 -
March 2006
(Extended to June 2006)  
4 R831090
Phytoremediation of Perchlorate and N-nitrosodimethylamine as Single and Co-contaminants Mbuya, Odemari S.
Jain, Amita
Nzengung, Valentine A.
Ugochukwu, Ngozi H.
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University,University of Georgia October 2003 -
September 2005  
5 R830842
Biogeochemistry of Arsenic in Contaminated Soils of Superfund Sites Sarkar, Dibyendu
Datta, Rupali
University of Texas at San Antonio August 2003 -
July 2005
(Extended to July 2007)  
6 R830844
Development of Arsenic Sediment Quality Criteria using Equilibrium Partitioning Visviki, Ioanna
Farley, Kevin J.
Judge, Michael L.
Mahony, John D.
Carbonaro, Richard F.
College of Mount Saint Vincent,Manhattan College June 2003 -
June 2005
(Extended to June 2006)  
7 R830845
Field Evaluation of Evapo-Transpiration (ET) Caps Abichou, Tarek
Abdelrazig, Yassir
Chan-Hilton, Amy
Tawfiq, Kamal
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University April 2003 -
March 2005
(Extended to June 2006)  
8 R830841
Potential for Increased Bioavailability of Mercury in Selenium Contaminated Sites: Risk Assessment and Ecological Effects Trumble, John T.

University of California - Riverside March 2003 -
February 2005
(Extended to February 2006)  

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The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and EPA. Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency.

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