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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Mercury: Transport, Transportation, and Fate in the Atmosphere

Request for Applications closing date: August 15, 2001

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R829796
Natural and Anthropogenic Sources of Mercury to the Atmosphere: Global and Regional Contributions Fitzgerald, William F.
Engstrom, Daniel
University of Connecticut,Science Museum of Minnesota January 2003 -
December 2005  
2 R829795
Laser Based Studies of Atmospheric Mercury Transformation: Laboratory Kinetics and Ultrasensitive Detection of Elemental and Reactive Gaseous Mercury Hynes, Anthony J.

University of Miami January 2003 -
December 2006  
3 R829798
Speciated Atmospheric Mercury: Gas/Particle Partitioning, Transformations, and Source Characterization Schauer, James J.
Armstrong, D. E.
Gross, Deborah S.
Hurley, James P.
Krabbenhoft, David P.
University of Wisconsin - Madison,Carleton College,U.S. Geological Survey January 2003 -
December 2005
(Extended to December 2006)  
4 R829800
Assessment of Natural Source (Geologic and Vegetation) Mercury Emissions: Speciation, Mechanisms and Significance Gustin, Mae Sexauer
Johnson, Dale W.
Lindberg, Steve
Rytuba, James J.
Schorran, David E.
Zehner, Richard E.
Zhang, Hong
Engle, Mark
Fay, Laura
Hanson, Brian
Hatchett, Ben
Kuiken, Todd
Markee, Melissa
Martindale, Lindsey
Ward, Jake
Xin, Mei
Ericksen, Jody
Lyman, Seth
Pillai, Rekha
Weisburg, Peter
Ellis, Tyler
Sedinger, Ben
Weisberg, Peter
Peterson, Christianna
Stamenkovic, Jelena
Weaver, Coty
University of Nevada - Reno,Desert Research Institute,U.S. Geological Survey,University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,University of Tennessee - Knoxville,Tennessee Technological University January 2003 -
December 2005
(Extended to December 2007)  
5 R829799
Models and Measurements for Investigating Atmospheric Transport and Photochemistry of Hg Keeler, Gerald J.
Al-Wali, Khalid
Sillman, Sanford
Xu, Xiaohong
University of Michigan November 2002 -
October 2005
(Extended to October 2006)  
6 R830603
Natural Mercury Isotopes as Tracers of Sources, Cycling, and Deposition of Atmospheric Mercury Odom, A. Leroy
Landing, William
Salters, Vincent
Florida State University,National High Magnetic Field Laboratory October 2002 -
December 2006  
7 R829797
Inflow, Chemistry and Deposition of Mercury to the West Coast of the United States Jaffe, Daniel
Prestbo, Eric
University of Washington June 2002 -
June 2005  

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