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Extramural Research

Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Water and Watersheds Research

Request for Applications closing date: May 7, 1996

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R825284
Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest: Physical, Biological, and Social Considerations Burges, Stephen J.
Booth, Derek B.
Karr, James R.
Schauman, Sally
University of Washington - Seattle April 1997 -
March 2000  
2 R825335
Modeling Effects of Alternative Landscape Design and Management on Water Quality and Biodiversity in Midwest Agricultural Watersheds Santelmann, Mary
Bernert, J.
Danielson, Brent J
Eilers, J.
Freemark, K.
Galatowitsch, S.
Matzke, G.
Nassauer, J.
Polasky, Steve
White, D.
Oregon State University,E and S Environmental Chemistry Inc.,Iowa State University,University of Minnesota - Twin Cities January 1997 -
December 1999
(Extended to December 2000)  
3 R825289
Geochemical, Biological and Economic Effects of Arsenic and Other Oxyanions on a Mining Impacted Watershed Miller, Glenn C.
Anderson, Susan L.
Hershey, Ron
Miller, Watkins W.
Papelis, Lambis
Shaw, Douglass
Tyler, Scott
University of Nevada - Reno,Desert Research Institute,Bodega Marine Laboratory,University of California - Davis January 1997 -
December 1999
(Extended to December 2000)  
4 R825306
Watershed Protection in Agricultural Environments: Integrated Social, Geomorphological, and Ecological Research to Support Ecosystem-based Stream Management Rhoads, Bruce L.
Herricks, Edwin E.
Wilson, David
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign January 1997 -
December 1999
(Extended to December 2000)  
5 R825285
An Integrated Approach to Assessing Water Management Options in a Major Watersheds: Extending a Hydrodynamic-Water Quality Model to Include Biological and Politico-Economic Components Sabatier, Paul A.
Anderson, Jamie
Bennett, Bill
Botsford, Louis
Johnston, Mike
Loeb, Curtis
Lund, Jay
Mount, Jeff
Moyle, Peter
Orlob, Gerald
Quinn, James
Randall, Jonathan
Rhodes, Cathy
Richerson, Peter
Slotten, Darell
Slotton, Darell
Suchanek, Thomas
Weinberg, Marca
Johnson, Mike
University of California - Davis December 1996 -
November 1999
(Extended to September 2000)  
6 R825381
Integrated Urban Watershed Analysis: The Los Angeles Basin and Coastal Environment Turco, Richard
Ambrose, Richard
Berk, Richard
Feddema, Johannes
Fong, Peggy
Forrester, Graham E
Fovell, Robert G
Friedlander, Sheldon
MacDonald, Glen
McWilliams, James
Orme, Antony
Raphael, Marilyn
Savage, Melissa
Stenstrom, Michael
Stolzenbach, Keith
Suffett, Irwin
Vance, Richard
Venkatesan, M. Indira
Walter, Hartmut
Dracup, John A.
Trimble, Stanley
Hamner, William M
University of California - Los Angeles December 1996 -
November 1999
(Extended to November 2000)  
7 R825159
Development and Application of Spectroscopic Probes for Measurement of Microbial Activity in Aquatic Ecosystems Arnosti, Carol
Blough, Neil V.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,University of Maryland - College Park November 1996 -
October 1999
(Extended to April 2001)  
8 R825286
Effectiveness of Regulatory Incentives for Sediment Pollution Prevention: Evaluation Through Policy Analysis and Biomonitoring Reice, Seth
Andrews, Richard N.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill October 1996 -
October 1999
(Extended to October 2000)  
9 R825290
Integrating Modeling and Management of Agriculturally-Impacted Watersheds, Issues of Spatial and Temporal Scale Brezonik, Patrick L.
Bell, James
Brooks, Kenneth
Easter, K. William
Gerlach, Luther
Mulla, David
Olson, Kent
Perry, James A.
Wilson, Bruce
Bell, Jay
Birr, Adam S.
Dalzell, Brent
Davis, David
Fang, Andrew F.
Gleason (Dovciak), Anne
Gowda, Prasanna H.
Hatch, Lorin
Johansson, Robert
Marr, Kara
Mathews, Leah
McCann, Laura
O'Connor, Ben
Smith, Richard C.
Talmadge, Philip
Tidwell, Jason
Westra, John
Wheeler, Daniel
ZumBerge, Jeremy
University of Minnesota,University of Minnesota - Twin Cities October 1996 -
September 1999
(Extended to March 2001)  
10 R824979
Carbon Exchange Dynamics in a Temperate Forested Watershed: A Laboratory and Field Multidisciplinary Study Walter, Lynn M.
Abriola, Linda M.
Budai, Joyce M.
Kling, George W.
Meyers, Philip A.
Teeri, James A.
Zak, Donald R.
University of Michigan October 1996 -
September 1999
(Extended to September 2000)  
11 R824905
Watersheds and Wetlands: Large Scale Disturbances and Small Scale Responses Cole, Charles Andrew
Brooks, Robert P.
Wardrop, Denice Heller
Penn State Coop. Wetlands Center September 1996 -
August 1999
(Extended to August 2000)  

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