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Extramural Research

Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Water and Watersheds

Request for Applications closing date: May 28, 1999

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R828011
Identification and Control of Non-Point Sources of Microbial Pollution in a Coastal Watershed Sanders, Brett
Horne, Alex
Keller, Robin
Sobsey, Mark D.
Grant, Stanley B.
University of California - Irvine,University of California - Berkeley,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill August 2000 -
July 2003
(Extended to January 2005)  
2 R828012
The Spatial Patterning of Land Use Conversion: Linking Economics, Hydrology and Ecology to Evaluate the Effects of Alternative Future Growth Scenarios on Stream Ecosystems Palmer, Margaret A.
Bockstael, Nancy
Moglen, Glenn E.
Ness, Keith Van
Poff, N. LeRoy
Wiegand, Cameron
Pizzuto, J. E.
University of Maryland - College Park,University of Maryland,Colorado State University,Department of Environmental Protection Montgomery County,University of Delaware June 2000 -
May 2003
(Extended to May 2004)  
3 R828070
An Integrated GIS Framework for Water Reallocation and Decision Making in the Upper Rio Grande Basin Matthews, Olen Paul
Brookshire, David S.
Campana, Michael E.
Chermak, Janie
Cullen, Brad T.
Gregory, Kirk
Krause, Kate
Scuderi, Louis A.
Snell, Seth
Watson, Rick
Benedict, Karl
Coonrod, Julie
Demint, Ann
Ewers, Mary
Greer, Michael
Pease, Mike
Reno, Marissa
University of New Mexico March 2000 -
February 2003  
4 R828007
The Impact of Lawn Care Practices on Aquatic Ecosystems in Suburban Watersheds. Armbrust, Kevin
Black, Marsha
Gragson, Ted
Keeler, Andrew
Meyer, Judy L.
Noblet, Raymond
Shuman, Larry
West, Dee
Williams, James B.
University of Georgia,Alpharetta Environmental Services,Peachtree City Developmental Services,Mississippi State University - Main Campus March 2000 -
February 2003  
5 R828009
PULSES - The Importance of Pulsed Physical Events for Watershed Sustainability in Coastal Louisiana Day, John
Cable, Jaye
Fry, Brian
Justic, Dubravko
Kemp, Paul
Reyes, Enrique
Templet, Paul
Twilley, Robert
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge,University of Southwestern Louisiana,University of Louisiana at Lafayette,University of New Orleans February 2000 -
February 2003
(Extended to August 2004)  
6 R828010
Alternative Urbanization Scenarios for an Agricultural Watershed: Design Criteria, Social Constraints, and Effects on Groundwater and Surface Water Systems Lathrop, Richard C.
Bahr, Jean M.
Bradbury, Kenneth R.
Greb, Steven R.
LaGro Jr., James A.
Nelsoni, Edward B.
Nowak, Peter
Potter, Kenneth W.
Zedler, Joy B.
University of Wisconsin - Madison,Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources January 2000 -
January 2003  
7 R828021
Linking Environmental and Social Performance Measurement for Management at National and Watershed Levels: Modeling and Statistical Approaches Farrow, Scott
Small, Mitchell J.
Bondelid, Tim
Schultz, Martin
Sinnott, James
Solow, Andrew R.
VanHoutven, George
Cooter, W.S.
Fischbeck, Paul S.
Schoen, Mary E.
Carnegie Mellon University,Research Triangle Institute,Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution January 2000 -
January 2003  
8 R828008
Integrating Coral Reef Ecosystem Integrity and Restoration Options with Watershed-based activities in the Tropical Pacific Islands and the Societal Costs of Poor Land-use Practices Richmond, Robert H.
Hamnett, Michael
Wolanski, Eric
University of Guam,Australian Institute of Marine Sciences,University of Hawaii at Honolulu,University of Hawaii at Manoa   GU  

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The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and EPA. Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency.

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