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Extramural Research

Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

1995 - 2013 Fellowship Awards

Fellowship recipients have listed the following disciplines of study. Select the appropriate discipline to view recipients.

You may also view a Full List of fellowship recipients, organized by discipline.


Agricultural Ecology (1 recipient)
Agricultural Engineering (8 recipients)
Air Pollution (5 recipients)
Analytical Chemistry (4 recipients)
Anthropology (10 recipients)
Applied Math & Statistics (1 recipient)
Aquatic Biogeochemistry (1 recipient)
Aquatic Biology (1 recipient)
Aquatic Ecology (8 recipients)
Aquatic Ecology and Ecosystems (52 recipients)
Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology (1 recipient)
Aquatic Microbial Ecology (1 recipient)
Aquatic Sciences (1 recipient)
Aquatic Systems Ecology (11 recipients)
Atmospheric Chemistry (7 recipients)
Atmospheric Sciences (28 recipients)
Avian Behavior and Communication (1 recipient)


Behavioral/Social Sciences (6 recipients)
Bio-Environmental Engineering (3 recipients)
Biochemistry (7 recipients)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1 recipient)
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Development Biology, and Genetics (11 recipients)
Biogeochemistry (1 recipient)
Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Ecology (1 recipient)
Biological Modeling (1 recipient)
Biological Oceanography (1 recipient)
Biological Sciences (4 recipients)
Biological Systems Engineering (2 recipients)
Biology (3 recipients)
Biology/Life Sciences (2 recipients)
Bioremediation (2 recipients)
Botany/Plant Pathology (1 recipient)


Chemical Engineering (22 recipients)
Chemical Oceanography (1 recipient)
Chemistry (13 recipients)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (1 recipient)
Chemistry and Materials Science (26 recipients)
City and Regional Planning (1 recipient)
Civil Engineering (5 recipients)
Civil/Environmental Engineering (36 recipients)
Clean Air (11 recipients)
Climate Change (2 recipients)
Climatology (1 recipient)
Computer Science and Engineering (1 recipient)
Conservation Genetics (1 recipient)
Contaminant Investigation and Remediation (1 recipient)
Cultural Geography/Anthropology (1 recipient)


Drinking Water (10 recipients)


Earth (8 recipients)
Earth Sciences (20 recipients)
Ecohydrology (1 recipient)
Ecological Restoration (1 recipient)
Ecological Risk Assessment (5 recipients)
Ecology (73 recipients)
Ecology and Ecosystems (105 recipients)
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (1 recipient)
Ecology and Planning (1 recipient)
Economics (23 recipients)
Economics and Business (6 recipients)
Economics and Decision Sciences (1 recipient)
Ecosystem Ecology (1 recipient)
Ecosystem Health (1 recipient)
Ecosystem Services: Aquatic Systems Ecology (22 recipients)
Ecosystem Services: Terrestrial Systems Animal Ecology (5 recipients)
Ecosystem Services: Terrestrial Systems Soil and Plant Ecology (8 recipients)
Ecotoxicology (1 recipient)
Electrical Engineering (2 recipients)
Emerging Environmental Approaches and Challenges: Information Science (3 recipients)
Emerging Environmental Approaches and Challenges: Innovative Investigations for Oil Spill Impacts (3 recipients)
Emerging Environmental Approaches and Challenges: Social Sciences (14 recipients)
Emerging Environmental Approaches: Informatics (2 recipients)
Endocrine Disruptors (2 recipients)
Engineering (34 recipients)
Entomology (24 recipients)
Environmental (1 recipient)
Environmental Biotechnology (1 recipient)
Environmental Chemistry (6 recipients)
Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Material Science (8 recipients)
Environmental Decision Making (26 recipients)
Environmental Education (1 recipient)
Environmental Engineering (78 recipients)
Environmental Engineering/Air Quality Monitoring (1 recipient)
Environmental Epidemiology (1 recipient)
Environmental Health (1 recipient)
Environmental History (5 recipients)
Environmental Justice (1 recipient)
Environmental Law (5 recipients)
Environmental Microbiology (7 recipients)
Environmental Monitoring (3 recipients)
Environmental Physiology (1 recipient)
Environmental Policy (5 recipients)
Environmental Public Policy (1 recipient)
Environmental Risk Assessment (2 recipients)
Environmental Science (36 recipients)
Environmental Science and Engineering (11 recipients)
Environmental Science/Chemistry (1 recipient)
Environmental Science/Forensic Science (2 recipients)
Environmental Statistics (1 recipient)
Environmental Toxicology (10 recipients)
Environmental and Water Science (5 recipients)
Epidemiology (4 recipients)
Evolutionary Biology (5 recipients)
Exposure Assessment (1 recipient)


Field Ecology (1 recipient)
Forest Entomology (1 recipient)
Forestry (17 recipients)
Forestry and Environmental Studies (2 recipients)


Genetics (1 recipient)
Genotoxicity Testing (1 recipient)
Geochemistry (3 recipients)
Geography (30 recipients)
Geography Earth Sciences (2 recipients)
Geology (31 recipients)
Geology/Geochemistry (1 recipient)
Geomicrobiology (1 recipient)
Geomorphology (1 recipient)
Geospatial and Environmental Analysis (1 recipient)
Global Change (36 recipients)
Groundwater Dynamics in Coastal Aquifers (1 recipient)
Groundwater Geochemistry (1 recipient)
Groundwater Remediation (1 recipient)


Health (12 recipients)
Health Effects (1 recipient)
Health Physics (1 recipient)
Health Risk Assessment (5 recipients)
Historical Ecology (1 recipient)
Horticulture (1 recipient)
Human Health: Public Health Sciences (13 recipients)
Human Health: Risk Assessment and Decision Making (8 recipients)
Human Health: Risk Assessment and Risk Management (2 recipients)
Hydraulics (1 recipient)
Hydrology (7 recipients)


Immunotoxicology (1 recipient)
Industrial/Social Ecology (1 recipient)
Insect Ecology (1 recipient)
Insect Science (1 recipient)
Interdisciplinary Environmental (1 recipient)


Land Protection (1 recipient)
Landscape Ecology (1 recipient)
Life Sciences (14 recipients)


Marine Biology (7 recipients)
Marine Chemistry (1 recipient)
Marine Community Ecology (1 recipient)
Marine Conservation (1 recipient)
Marine Ecology (3 recipients)
Marine Microbiology (1 recipient)
Marine Sciences (5 recipients)
Marine/Environmental Science (1 recipient)
Materials Engineering (1 recipient)
Mathematics (4 recipients)
Mechanical Engineering (4 recipients)
Microbial Ecology (1 recipient)
Microbial Geochemistry (1 recipient)
Microbiology (27 recipients)
Model Uncertainty (1 recipient)
Molecular Biology (1 recipient)
Molecular Biology/Genetics (17 recipients)
Molecular and Cellular Biology (1 recipient)
Molecular, Cellular, and Biochemical Pharmacology (1 recipient)


Nanotechnology (2 recipients)
Natural Resources (1 recipient)
Natural and Life Sciences (39 recipients)


Oceanography (35 recipients)
Oceanography and Coastal Processes (21 recipients)
Other Engineering (7 recipients)


Pathology (3 recipients)
Pesticides and Toxic Substances (31 recipients)
Physical Geography (1 recipient)
Physical Oceanography (2 recipients)
Physical Sciences (1 recipient)
Plant Biology (1 recipient)
Plant Ecology (1 recipient)
Plant Pathology (1 recipient)
Political Science (2 recipients)
Polymer Chemistry (1 recipient)
Probability/Statistics (1 recipient)
Psychology (1 recipient)
Public Health (2 recipients)
Public Health Sciences (19 recipients)
Public Policy (1 recipient)


Radiation Detection (1 recipient)
Range and Wildlife Management (1 recipient)
Resource Economics (2 recipients)
Risk Assessment (6 recipients)
Risk Communication (4 recipients)
Risk Management (1 recipient)


Science & Technology for Sustainability: Energy (11 recipients)
Science & Technology for Sustainability: Environmental Behavior & Decision Making (12 recipients)
Science & Technology for Sustainability: Green Engineering/Building/Chemistry/Materials (8 recipients)
Science & Technology for Sustainability: Environmental Entrepreneurship (3 recipients)
Science & Technology for Sustainability: Green Energy/Natural Resources Production & Use (6 recipients)
Science & Technology for Sustainability: Green Engineering/Building/Chemical Products & Processes/Materials Development (8 recipients)
Social Ecology (1 recipient)
Social Sciences (37 recipients)
Social Studies (1 recipient)
Sociology (10 recipients)
Soil Microbiology (1 recipient)


Terrestrial Ecology (2 recipients)
Terrestrial Ecology and Ecosystems (59 recipients)
Terrestrial Systems Ecology (20 recipients)
Toxicogenomics (1 recipient)
Toxicology (51 recipients)
Treatment and Remediation (1 recipient)
Tribes and American Indian/Alaska Native/Pacific Islander Communities (5 recipients)
Tropical Ecology (1 recipient)


Urban Planning (3 recipients)
Urban and Land Use Planning (4 recipients)
Urban and Regional Planning (14 recipients)


Waste Treatment (1 recipient)
Wastewater Testing and Treatment (1 recipient)
Water Chemistry/Hydrology (1 recipient)
Water Quality Trading (1 recipient)
Water Quality: Coastal and Estuarine Processes (9 recipients)
Water Quality: Hydrogeology and Surface Water (12 recipients)
Water Resource Management (1 recipient)
Water Resources and Wetland Restoration (1 recipient)
Water Treatment (1 recipient)
Water and Watersheds (1 recipient)


Zoology (35 recipients)

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The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and EPA. Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency.

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