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Low-Dose Effects of Thyroid Toxicants on Neurodevelopment
Grant Number R832137
RFA: Development and Characterization of Biological Systems for Studying Low Dose Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (2004)

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Journal Article (21)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Bansal R, Zoeller RT. Polychlorinated biphenyls (Aroclor 1254) do not uniformly produce agonist actions on thyroid hormone responses in the developing rat brain. Endocrinology 2008;149(8):4001-4008. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Brent GA, Braverman LE, Zoeller RT. Thyroid health and the environment. Thyroid 2007;17(9):807-809. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Crofton KM, Zoeller RT. Mode of action: neurotoxicity induced by thyroid hormone disruption during developmentā€”hearing loss resulting from exposure to PHAHs. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2005;35(8-9):757-769. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Degon M, Chipkin SR, Hollot CV, Zoeller RT, Chait Y. A computational model of the human thyroid. Mathematical Biosciences 2008;212(1):22-53. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Gauger KJ, Giera S, Sharlin DS, Bansal R, Iannacone E, Zoeller RT. Polychlorinated biphenyls 105 and 118 form thyroid hormone receptor agonists after cytochrome P4501A1 activation in rat pituitary GH3 cells. Environmental Health Perspectives 2007;115(11):1623-1630. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Ginsberg GL, Hattis DB, Zoeller RT, Rice DC. Evaluation of the U.S. EPA/OSWER preliminary remediation goal for perchlorate in groundwater:focus on exposure to nursing infants. Environmental Health Perspectives 2007;115(3):361-369. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Gore AC, Heindel JJ, Zoeller RT. Endocrine disruption for endocrinologists (and others). Endocrinology 2006;147(6 Suppl):S1-S3. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Jagalur M, Pal C, Learned-Miller E, Zoeller RT, Kulp D. Analyzing in situ gene expression in the mouse brain with image registration, feature extraction and block clustering. BMC Bioinformatics 2007;8(Suppl 10):S5. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Rice DC, Reeve EA, Herlihy A, Zoeller RT, Thompson WD, Markowski VP. Developmental delays and locomotor activity in the C57BL6/J mouse following neonatal exposure to the fully-brominated PBDE, decabromodiphenyl ether. Neurotoxicology and Teratology 2007;29(4):511-520. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Sharlin DS, Bansal R, Zoeller RT. Polychlorinated biphenyls exert selective effects on cellular composition of white matter in a manner inconsistent with thyroid hormone insufficiency. Endocrinology 2006;147(2):846-858. R832137 (2005)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Sharlin DS, Tighe D, Gilbert ME, Zoeller RT. The balance between oligodendrocyte and astrocyte production in major white matter tracts is linearly related to serum total thyroxine. Endocrinology 2008;149(5):2527-2536. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Sharlin DS, Gilbert ME, Taylor MA, Ferguson DC, Zoeller RT. The nature of the compensatory response to low thyroid hormone in the developing brain. Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2010;22(3):153-165. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Tan SW, Zoeller RT. Integrating basic research on thyroid hormone action into screening and testing programs for thyroid disruptors. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2007;37(1-2):5-10. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Woodruff TJ, Zeise L, Axelrad DA, Guyton KZ, Janssen S, Miller M, Miller GG, Schwartz JM, Alexeeff G, Anderson H, Birnbaum L, Bois F, Cogliano VJ, Crofton K, Euling SY, Foster PMD, Germolec DR, Gray E, Hattis DB, Kyle AD, Luebke RW, Luster MI, Portier C, Rice DC, Solomon G, Vandenberg J, Zoeller RT. Meeting report:moving upstream-evaluating adverse upstream end points for improved risk assessment and decision-making. Environmental Health Perspectives 2008;116(11):1568-1575. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT, Crofton KM. Mode of action: developmental thyroid hormone insufficiency--neurological abnormalities resulting from exposure to propylthiouracil. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2005;35(8-9):771-781. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT. Collision of basic and applied approaches to risk assessment of thyroid toxicants. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2006;1076:168-190. R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT, Tyl RW, Tan SW. Current and potential rodent screens and tests for thyroid toxicants. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2007;37(1-2):55-95. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT, Tan SW, Tyl RW. General background on the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2007;37(1-2):11-53. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT, Tan SW. Implications of research on assays to characterize thyroid toxicants. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2007;37(1-2):195-210. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT. Environmental chemicals impacting the thyroid: targets and consequences. Thyroid 2007;17(9):811-817. R832137 (2007)
R832137 (Final)
Journal Article Zoeller RT. Environmental neuroendocrine and thyroid disruption: relevance for reproductive medicine? Fertility and Sterility 2008;89(2 Suppl):e99-e100. R832137 (Final)

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