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Reproductive and endocrine effects of o,p'-DDT, an environmental estrogen, and p,p'-DDE, an antiandrogen in male and female Atlantic croaker during critical periods of their reproductive life history cycles
Grant Number R826125
RFA: Endocrine Disruptors (1997)

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Journal Article (5)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Hawkins MB, Thornton JW, Crews D, Skipper JK, Dotte A, Thomas P. Identification of a third distinct estrogen receptor and reclassification of estrogen receptors in vertebrates (submitted for publication). R826125 (2001)
not available
Journal Article Larsson DG, Sperry TS, Thomas P. Regulation of androgen receptors in Atlantic croaker brains by testosterone and estradiol. General and Comparative Endocrinology 2002;128(3):224-230 R826125 (2001)
not available
Journal Article Loomis AK, Thomas P. Binding characteristics of estrogen receptor (ER) in Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) testes: Different affinity for estrogens and xenobiotics from that of hepatic ER. Biology of Reproduction 1999;61(1):51-60. R826125 (2001)
not available
Journal Article Loomis AK, Thomas P. Effects of estrogens and xenoestrogens on androgen production by Atlantic croaker testes in vitro: Evidence for a nongenomic action mediated by an estrogen membrane receptor. Biology of Reproduction 2000;62(4):995-1004. R826125 (1999)
R826125 (2001)
not available
Journal Article Thomas P. Chemical interference with genomic and nongenomic actions of steroids in fishes: role of receptor binding. Marine Environmental Research 2000;50(1-5):127-134. R826125 (1999)
R826125 (2001)
not available

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