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Grantee Research Project Results

BioWinol Technologies: A Hybrid Green Process for Biofuel Production

EPA Grant Number: SU834728
Title: BioWinol Technologies: A Hybrid Green Process for Biofuel Production
Investigators: Huhnke, Raymond , Dharman, Karthikeyan Ramachandriya , Krishnan, Divya , Kundiyana, Dimple , Megel, Anthony , Terrill, Jenny , Wilkins, Mark
Institution: Oklahoma State University
EPA Project Officer: Nolt-Helms, Cynthia
Project Period: August 15, 2010 through August 14, 2011
Project Amount: $10,000
RFA: P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet (2010)
Research Category: Pollution Prevention/Sustainable Development , P3 Challenge Area - Energy



BIOWINol Technologies proposes a unique hybrid technology that uses several renewable resources, specifically biomass, wind and solar, to produce hydrogen (H2). This process can also capture carbon-dioxide (CO2) from other industries to produce biofuels. The primary objective for this Phase I project is to perform laboratory studies to determine the ability of two unique strains of bacteria to effectively utilize H2 and CO2 to produce biofuels.


Small bottles will be used to perform laboratory experiments to test and evaluate the effects of gas and media composition on two unique bacteria to produce ethanol. Results from these studies will be used to plan and run bench-scale fermentors to evaluate the feasibility of scaling-up the process that would lead to commercialization.

Expected Results:

The ability of the unique bacteria to produce ethanol by utilizing H2 and CO2 will be determined. The project will be used to educate the community about advances and importance of bioenergy while building consumer confidence in biofuels in addressing key environmental issues.

Supplemental Keywords:

Biotechnology; anaerobic fermentation; green manufacturing,

Progress and Final Reports:
Final Report

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