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Grantee Research Project Results

Development of Sustainable Integrated Aquaculture Systems With Assessment of Environmental, Social, and Economic Implications

EPA Grant Number: SU833908
Title: Development of Sustainable Integrated Aquaculture Systems With Assessment of Environmental, Social, and Economic Implications
Investigators: Fitzsimmons, Kevin
Current Investigators: Fitzsimmons, Kevin , Giocamelli, Gene , LaBrent, Chrite , Silvertooth, Jeff
Institution: University of Arizona
EPA Project Officer: Nolt-Helms, Cynthia
Project Period: August 15, 2008 through August 14, 2009
Project Amount: $10,000
RFA: P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet (2008)
Research Category: P3 Challenge Area - Agriculture , Pollution Prevention/Sustainable Development



New methods of sustainable aquaculture are needed to ensure the long-term growth of the industry and the development of a stable food supply.


To promote sustainable aquaculture practices students with diverse academic and research backgrounds will utilize a multi-disciplinary approach in the design, testing, and implementation of a recirculating integrated aquaculture production system. Several experiments will be performed and the results evaluated to determine the conditions that promote economically viable and environmentally sound food production.

Expected Results:

The research team will assess fish and plant growth rates, water nutrient chemistry, soil quality, and resource economics, in several successive experiments. This information will be evaluated to identify the conditions which generate high plant and animal yield production, maximum nutrient utilization, and high benefit to cost ratios. The research team will also implement developed technology to meet the needs of national and international industries.

Supplemental Keywords:

human health, waste reduction, international cooperation, sustainable environment, design optimization, environmental education, ecological design,

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Phase 2 Abstract

Progress and Final Reports:
Final Report

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