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Grantee Research Project Results

Design and Testing of a Point of Use Electrolytic Chlorine Generator for Drinking Water Disinfection in Poor Countries

EPA Grant Number: SU833521
Title: Design and Testing of a Point of Use Electrolytic Chlorine Generator for Drinking Water Disinfection in Poor Countries
Investigators: Just, Craig
Current Investigators: Just, Craig , Donham, Joel , Frystak, Phillip , Gwinnup, Aaron , Heacock, Nicole , Keenan, Alexandra , Lamb, Jon , Lozier, Matthew J. , Meggo, Richard E. , Moriarty, Holly M. , Rhoads, Thomas , Schafer, Michael , Smith, Jessica , Teed, Richard H. , Tuttle, Robert D.
Institution: University of Iowa
EPA Project Officer: Nolt-Helms, Cynthia
Project Period: September 30, 2007 through May 30, 2008
Project Amount: $10,000
RFA: P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet (2007)
Research Category: Drinking Water , P3 Challenge Area - Water , Pollution Prevention/Sustainable Development



This project will focus on the redesign, characterization and efficacy of a point of use electrolytic chlorine generator targeted for poor countries around the world for the purpose of disinfecting drinking water.


The development of an effective hand-held chlorinator is the main goal, but larger scale, flow-through systems will also be considered. The chlorine species generated by all prototypes will be characterized using wet chemistry and analytical equipment readily available to the research group. Disinfection by-product formation potential will be determined for a variety of potential source waters before and after filtration and/or coagulation/flocculation pretreatment. We will work with established organizations in the United States and abroad with international water delivery missions for effective participatory design efforts with our partner country, Haiti. The project will culminate with the installation of an electrolytic chlorinator(s) in Haiti with subsequent feedback and design improvement suggestions from the local communities that utilize the intermediate technology.

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Phase 2 Abstract

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Final Report

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