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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Case Study of Land Ownership Changes on Private Lands in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

EPA Grant Number: U915752
Title: Case Study of Land Ownership Changes on Private Lands in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Investigators: Compas, Eric D.
Institution: University of Missouri - Columbia
EPA Project Officer: Boddie, Georgette
Project Period: August 1, 2000 through August 1, 2004
Project Amount: $102,000
RFA: STAR Graduate Fellowships (2000)
Research Category: Academic Fellowships , Fellowship - Geography , Ecological Indicators/Assessment/Restoration



The goal of this research project is to identify where, in what pattern, and why land ownership changes were occurring in Paradise Valley, Montana.


Both quantitative and qualitative methods will be used to address the research objective. A spatial database of parcels, ownership changes, owner information, and parcel subdivision will be constructed. This information will be used to analyze "where" and "in what pattern" land ownership changes were occurring. A variety of spatial, descriptive, and statistical techniques will be used to analyze and describe this data. To address the "why" question, 32 semi-structured interviews of landowners will be conducted and analyzed for content. From the landowner surveys, a hierarchy will be created of landowners, and results will be summarized for these landowner groups.

Expected Results:

The research is expected to lead to a thorough understanding of land ownership changes and parcel subdivision and their potential ecological impacts on the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Supplemental Keywords:

land ownership changes, greater Yellowstone ecosystem, rural development, habitat, fragmentation, Montana, MT., RFA, Scientific Discipline, Geographic Area, Ecosystem Protection/Environmental Exposure & Risk, Midwest, Geography, exploratory research environmental biology, Ecosystem/Assessment/Indicators, Chemical Mixtures - Environmental Exposure & Risk, Ecosystem Protection, State, Ecological Effects - Environmental Exposure & Risk, Analytical Chemistry, Ecological Effects - Human Health, Ecological Risk Assessment, Ecology and Ecosystems, Urban and Regional Planning, Ecological Indicators, Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, habitat, land ownership changes, effects of landownership changes, rural development, habitat fragmentation, ecosystem, Montana , fragmentation, private lands, Paradise Valley

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