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Report on the Environment

EPA's Report on the Environment (ROE) 2014 Draft Website


Update: EPA has redesigned and updated the Report on the Environment (ROE) website and content to create a fully integrated online experience. The draft ROE 2014 is available for public comment until April 27, 2014 (see docket details under additional information). [Federal Register Notice March 27, 2014].

EPA's Report on the Environment 2014 draft, also referred to as ROE 2014, is a comprehensive source of scientific indicators that describe the trends in the nation's environmental and human health condition. The indicators help to answer important questions for EPA about the current status and historical trends in US air, water, land, human health, ecological systems, and sustainability at the national and regional levels. The indicators are based on data collected by the EPA, other federal and state agencies, and non-governmental organizations and meet high standards for data quality, objectivity, and utility. The audience for the ROE 2014 includes scientists, policy-makers, educators, and interested members of the public, as well as EPA staff.
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Since its first release in 2003 the ROE has undergone periodic updates and restructurings, most recently in 2008. The latest version features several significant changes, the most notable being that the ROE 2014 is fully on-line, allowing it to be more interactive and accessible. Users can also customize graphics and pan and zoom on maps. For certain indicators, users can now choose to view statistical information about the data by simply clicking display options. Additionally, new indicators fill information gaps which previously lacked reliable, long-term data. A new conceptual framework and sustainability theme have also been added.

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