Comprehensive Environmental Assessment and U.S. EPA Nanomaterial Case Studies

These case studies are not completed risk assessments but are structured around an approach known as comprehensive environmental assessment (CEA), which combines a product life cycle framework with the risk assessment paradigm (Davis, J.M., J. Nanosci. Nanotech. 7:402-9, 2007). The CEA approach considers primary and secondary contaminants, multiple environmental media, fate and transport processes, cumulative and aggregate exposure, and ecological as well as human health risks across the life cycle of a product. Three case studies are being developed: case studies one and two examine nanoscale titanium dioxide as used in water treatment and sunscreen applications, respectively; a third case study of a type of product using nano-silver is currently under development. A workshop will be held to review the case studies and will involve a broad array of technical experts and stakeholders in a structured format such as a multi-criteria decision analytic approach.


DAVIS, JMICHAEL, A. WANG, M. R. GWINN, AND J. A. Shatkin. Comprehensive Environmental Assessment and U.S. EPA Nanomaterial Case Studies. Presented at NATO Workshop, Faro, PORTUGAL, April 27 - 30, 2008.

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