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IRISTrack Detailed Report

Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) Assessment Milestones and Dates
Milestone Projected Start Date * Projected End Date *
Draft Development (hazard identification) TBD ** FY14/4th Quarter
Release lit search and evidence tables FY14/4th Quarter TBD
Draft Development (dose-response analysis) TBD TBD **
Agency Review TBD ** TBD **
Interagency Science Consultation TBD ** TBD **
Public Comment Period TBD ** FY16/1st Quarter
External Peer Review FY16/1st Quarter TBD **
Final Agency Review/Interagency Science Discussion and Posting Final Assessment TBD ** TBD **
* For EPA, the Fiscal Year (FY) starts in October and ends in September of the following year. First quarter runs from October through December; the second from January through March; the third from April through June; and the fourth from July through September.

** To be determined.
Note: Butyl benzyl phthalate is in early stages of draft development. Literature search and evidence tables have been released for public comment, and will be discussed at the December 2014 bimonthly public meeting.

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