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IRIS Process Diagram - 2009 Update

IRIS Process Diagram—2009 Update (PDF) (1 pg, 68 K)


[UPDATE: Mar 2014] The IRIS Program is rebuilding the IRIS Track database to better reflect the enhanced IRIS process. During this period, IRIS Track will not be updated and consequently may not reflect current schedules. We will continue to inform the public about upcoming activities on the IRIS website, and we will do so with sufficient notice to allow comments and full participation in the process.

The IRIS Program is committed to proactive stakeholder engagement, increased transparency, and using the best available science in IRIS assessments. The rebuilt IRIS Track database will be launched within the next few weeks and will provide updated schedules that reflect the enhanced assessment development process. Additionally, it will provide information in a format that will be more useful to those who want to stay informed about upcoming activities and the status of assessments.

For more information about activities related to these assessments, contact the IRIS Hotline at hotline.iris@epa.gov or phone (202) 566-1676.

Status Report for IRISTrack

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Displaying 1 Substance :
Substance Step in IRIS Process Completion Date*
Libby Amphibole (asbestos)  Final Agency Review/Interagency Science Discussion and Posting Final Assessment FY15/1st Quarter

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  * This date is an estimate.

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