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A-Z List of Substances

The substances in IRIS are listed in order alphabetically by the substance name. You can click on the Alphabetical letter corresponding to the chemicals beginning with that letter to list the relevant substances, or use your browser's "Find" command to search for a substance name or Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CASRN).

The IRIS Program does not currently develop updated assessments for registered pesticides unless the registered pesticides also have non-pesticide uses. The IRIS user should consult OPP Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents prepared by the Office of Pesticide Programs for additional health assessment information (see link provided in the OPP Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) column below).

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* Refers to the most recent statement of or change to a toxicity value [RfD, RfC, slope factor or unit risk], or most recent significant statement of or change to the basis or justification for the conclusions in the assessment. This column is provided for the convenience of the IRIS user. For specific information, see the Revision History for each substance.

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Displaying 46 Substances:

Substance Name QuickView IRIS Summary Tox Review/
Support Document
Literature Screening Review CASRN Last Significant Revision* OPP Reregistration
Decision (RED)
Barium and Compounds QuickView for Barium and Compounds IRIS Summary for Barium and Compounds Toxicological Review for Barium and Compounds (PDF 88 pp, 325 K) Yes 7440-39-3 07/11/2005
Barium cyanide QuickView for Barium cyanide IRIS Summary for Barium cyanide 542-62-1 03/01/1991
Baygon QuickView for Baygon IRIS Summary for Baygon Yes 114-26-1 09/30/1987 OPP RED for Baygon (PDF 154 pp, 545 K)
Bayleton QuickView for Bayleton IRIS Summary for Bayleton Yes 43121-43-3 03/01/1988 OPP RED for Bayleton (PDF 134 pp, 2.81 M)
Baythroid QuickView for Baythroid IRIS Summary for Baythroid Yes 68359-37-5 03/01/1988
Benefin QuickView for Benefin IRIS Summary for Benefin Yes 1861-40-1 03/31/1987 OPP RED for Benefin (PDF 139 pp, 437 K)
Benomyl QuickView for Benomyl IRIS Summary for Benomyl Yes 17804-35-2 01/31/1987 OPP RED for Benomyl (PDF 6 pp, 17 K)
Bentazon (Basagran) QuickView for Bentazon (Basagran) IRIS Summary for Bentazon (Basagran) Toxicological Review for Bentazon (Basagran) (PDF 30 pp, 180 K) Yes 25057-89-0 03/02/1998
Benz[a]anthracene QuickView for Benz[a]anthracene IRIS Summary for Benz[a]anthracene 56-55-3 03/01/1994
Benzaldehyde QuickView for Benzaldehyde IRIS Summary for Benzaldehyde Yes 100-52-7 09/07/1988
Benzene QuickView for Benzene IRIS Summary for Benzene Noncancer Effects Toxicological Review for Benzene (PDF 180 pp, 1.59 M)
Benzene Support Documents
71-43-2 04/17/2003
Benzidine QuickView for Benzidine IRIS Summary for Benzidine Yes 92-87-5 07/01/1991
Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) QuickView for Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) IRIS Summary for Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) 50-32-8 07/01/1992
Benzo[b]fluoranthene QuickView for Benzo[b]fluoranthene IRIS Summary for Benzo[b]fluoranthene 205-99-2 03/01/1994
Benzo[g,h,i]perylene QuickView for Benzo[g,h,i]perylene IRIS Summary for Benzo[g,h,i]perylene 191-24-2 12/01/1990
Benzo[k]fluoranthene QuickView for Benzo[k]fluoranthene IRIS Summary for Benzo[k]fluoranthene 207-08-9 03/01/1994
Benzoic acid QuickView for Benzoic acid IRIS Summary for Benzoic acid Yes 65-85-0 06/01/1991 OPP RED for Benzoic acid (PDF 27 pp, 1.7 M)
Benzotrichloride QuickView for Benzotrichloride IRIS Summary for Benzotrichloride 98-07-7 07/01/1990
Benzyl chloride QuickView for Benzyl chloride IRIS Summary for Benzyl chloride Yes 100-44-7 01/01/1992
Beryllium and compounds QuickView for Beryllium and compounds IRIS Summary for Beryllium and compounds Toxicological Review for Beryllium and compounds (PDF 94 pp, 320 K) Yes 7440-41-7 04/03/1998
Bidrin QuickView for Bidrin IRIS Summary for Bidrin Yes 141-66-2 09/30/1987 OPP RED for Bidrin (PDF 116 pp, 292 K)
Biphenthrin QuickView for Biphenthrin IRIS Summary for Biphenthrin Yes 82657-04-3 08/22/1988
Biphenyl QuickView for Biphenyl IRIS Summary for Biphenyl Toxicological Review for Biphenyl (PDF 225 pp, 4.82 M) Yes 92-52-4 08/27/2013
Bis(2-chloro-1-methylethyl) ether QuickView for Bis(2-chloro-1-methylethyl) ether IRIS Summary for Bis(2-chloro-1-methylethyl) ether Yes 108-60-1 10/01/1989
Bis(2-chloroethoxy)methane QuickView for Bis(2-chloroethoxy)methane IRIS Summary for Bis(2-chloroethoxy)methane Yes 111-91-1 03/01/1991
Bis(chloroethyl)ether (BCEE) QuickView for Bis(chloroethyl)ether (BCEE) IRIS Summary for Bis(chloroethyl)ether (BCEE) Yes 111-44-4 10/01/1991
Bis(chloromethyl)ether (BCME) QuickView for Bis(chloromethyl)ether (BCME) IRIS Summary for Bis(chloromethyl)ether (BCME) Yes 542-88-1 07/01/1991
Bisphenol A. QuickView for Bisphenol A. IRIS Summary for Bisphenol A. Yes 80-05-7 09/26/1988
Boron and Compounds QuickView for Boron and Compounds IRIS Summary for Boron and Compounds Toxicological Review for Boron and Compounds (PDF 144 pp, 864 K) 7440-42-8 08/05/2004
Bromate QuickView for Bromate IRIS Summary for Bromate Toxicological Review for Bromate (PDF 58 pp, 261 K) 15541-45-4 06/06/2001
Brominated dibenzofurans QuickView for Brominated dibenzofurans IRIS Summary for Brominated dibenzofurans 12/01/1990
Bromobenzene QuickView for Bromobenzene IRIS Summary for Bromobenzene Toxicological Review for Bromobenzene (PDF 123 pp, 786 K) 108-86-1 09/30/2009
Bromochloromethane QuickView for Bromochloromethane IRIS Summary for Bromochloromethane 74-97-5 03/01/1991
Bromodichloromethane QuickView for Bromodichloromethane IRIS Summary for Bromodichloromethane Yes 75-27-4 02/01/1993
p-Bromodiphenyl ether QuickView for p-Bromodiphenyl ether IRIS Summary for p-Bromodiphenyl ether 101-55-3 08/01/1990
Bromoform QuickView for Bromoform IRIS Summary for Bromoform Yes 75-25-2 12/01/1993
Bromomethane QuickView for Bromomethane IRIS Summary for Bromomethane Yes 74-83-9 04/01/1992 OPP RED for Bromomethane (PDF 58 pp, 1.21 M)
Bromotrichloromethane QuickView for Bromotrichloromethane IRIS Summary for Bromotrichloromethane Yes 75-62-7 03/01/1991
Bromoxynil QuickView for Bromoxynil IRIS Summary for Bromoxynil 1689-84-5 06/30/1988 OPP RED for Bromoxynil (PDF 299 pp, 966 K)
Bromoxynil octanoate QuickView for Bromoxynil octanoate IRIS Summary for Bromoxynil octanoate Yes 1689-99-2 09/07/1988 OPP RED for Bromoxynil octanoate (PDF 299 pp, 966 K)
1,3-Butadiene QuickView for 1,3-Butadiene IRIS Summary for 1,3-Butadiene 1,3-Butadiene Support Documents 106-99-0 11/05/2002
n-Butanol QuickView for n-Butanol IRIS Summary for n-Butanol Yes 71-36-3 03/01/1991
Butyl benzyl phthalate QuickView for Butyl benzyl phthalate IRIS Summary for Butyl benzyl phthalate Yes 85-68-7 09/01/1989
Butylate QuickView for Butylate IRIS Summary for Butylate Yes 2008-41-5 10/01/1994 OPP RED for Butylate (PDF 0 pp, 303 K)
t-Butylchloride QuickView for t-Butylchloride IRIS Summary for t-Butylchloride 507-20-0 04/01/1990
Butylphthalyl butylglycolate (BPBG) QuickView for Butylphthalyl butylglycolate (BPBG) IRIS Summary for Butylphthalyl butylglycolate (BPBG) 85-70-1 03/01/1987

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