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A-Z List of Substances

The substances in IRIS are listed in order alphabetically by the substance name. You can click on the Alphabetical letter corresponding to the chemicals beginning with that letter to list the relevant substances, or use your browser's "Find" command to search for a substance name or Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CASRN).

The IRIS Program does not currently develop updated assessments for registered pesticides unless the registered pesticides also have non-pesticide uses. The IRIS user should consult OPP Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents prepared by the Office of Pesticide Programs for additional health assessment information (see link provided in the OPP Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) column below).

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* Refers to the most recent statement of or change to a toxicity value [RfD, RfC, slope factor or unit risk], or most recent significant statement of or change to the basis or justification for the conclusions in the assessment. This column is provided for the convenience of the IRIS user. For specific information, see the Revision History for each substance.

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Displaying 64 Substances:

Substance Name QuickView IRIS Summary Tox Review/
Support Document
Literature Screening Review CASRN Last Significant Revision* OPP Reregistration
Decision (RED)
Cacodylic acid QuickView for Cacodylic acid IRIS Summary for Cacodylic acid Yes 75-60-5 11/01/1992 OPP RED for Cacodylic acid (PDF 70 pp, 742 K)
Cadmium QuickView for Cadmium IRIS Summary for Cadmium 7440-43-9 10/01/1989
Calcium cyanide QuickView for Calcium cyanide IRIS Summary for Calcium cyanide Toxicological Review for Calcium cyanide (PDF 153 pp, 905 K) Yes 592-01-8 09/28/2010
Caprolactam QuickView for Caprolactam IRIS Summary for Caprolactam Yes 105-60-2 09/01/1994
Captafol QuickView for Captafol IRIS Summary for Captafol Yes 2425-06-1 09/30/1987
Captan QuickView for Captan IRIS Summary for Captan 133-06-2 03/01/1989 OPP RED for Captan (PDF 280 pp, 587 K)
Carbaryl QuickView for Carbaryl IRIS Summary for Carbaryl Yes 63-25-2 11/01/1991 OPP RED for Carbaryl (PDF 47 pp, 453 K)
Carbofuran QuickView for Carbofuran IRIS Summary for Carbofuran Yes 1563-66-2 09/30/1987 OPP RED for Carbofuran (PDF 47 pp, 460 K)
Carbon disulfide QuickView for Carbon disulfide IRIS Summary for Carbon disulfide Yes 75-15-0 08/01/1995
Carbon tetrachloride QuickView for Carbon tetrachloride IRIS Summary for Carbon tetrachloride Toxicological Review for Carbon tetrachloride (PDF 473 pp, 3.04 M) 56-23-5 03/31/2010
Carbonyl sulfide QuickView for Carbonyl sulfide IRIS Summary for Carbonyl sulfide Yes 463-58-1 11/01/1991
Carbosulfan QuickView for Carbosulfan IRIS Summary for Carbosulfan Yes 55285-14-8 01/31/1987
Carboxin QuickView for Carboxin IRIS Summary for Carboxin Yes 5234-68-4 01/31/1987 OPP RED for Carboxin (PDF 98 pp, 219 K)
Cerium Oxide and Cerium Compounds QuickView for Cerium Oxide and Cerium Compounds IRIS Summary for Cerium Oxide and Cerium Compounds Toxicological Review for Cerium Oxide and Cerium Compounds (PDF 118 pp, 720 K) 1306-38-3 09/29/2009
Chloral hydrate QuickView for Chloral hydrate IRIS Summary for Chloral hydrate Toxicological Review for Chloral hydrate (PDF 69 pp, 148 K) Yes 302-17-0 09/15/2000
Chloramben QuickView for Chloramben IRIS Summary for Chloramben Yes 133-90-4 01/31/1987
Chlordane (Technical) QuickView for Chlordane (Technical) IRIS Summary for Chlordane (Technical) Toxicological Review for Chlordane (Technical) (PDF 73 pp, 228 K) Yes 12789-03-6 02/07/1998
Chlordecone (Kepone) QuickView for Chlordecone (Kepone) IRIS Summary for Chlordecone (Kepone) Toxicological Review for Chlordecone (Kepone) (PDF 183 pp, 1.03 M) 143-50-0 09/22/2009
Chlorimuron-ethyl QuickView for Chlorimuron-ethyl IRIS Summary for Chlorimuron-ethyl Yes 90982-32-4 11/01/1989 OPP RED for Chlorimuron-ethyl (PDF 5 pp, 19 K)
Chlorine QuickView for Chlorine IRIS Summary for Chlorine Yes 7782-50-5 06/01/1994 OPP RED for Chlorine (PDF 152 pp, 962 K)
Chlorine cyanide QuickView for Chlorine cyanide IRIS Summary for Chlorine cyanide 506-77-4 01/31/1987
Chlorine dioxide QuickView for Chlorine dioxide IRIS Summary for Chlorine dioxide Toxicological Review for Chlorine dioxide (PDF 56 pp, 144 K) Yes 10049-04-4 10/11/2000 OPP RED for Chlorine dioxide (PDF 124 pp, 1.25 M)
Chlorite (sodium salt) QuickView for Chlorite (sodium salt) IRIS Summary for Chlorite (sodium salt) Toxicological Review for Chlorite (sodium salt) (PDF 56 pp, 144 K) 7758-19-2 10/11/2000 OPP RED for Chlorite (sodium salt) (PDF 124 pp, 1.25 M)
1-Chloro-1,1-difluoroethane QuickView for 1-Chloro-1,1-difluoroethane IRIS Summary for 1-Chloro-1,1-difluoroethane 75-68-3 07/01/1995
2-Chloroacetophenone QuickView for 2-Chloroacetophenone IRIS Summary for 2-Chloroacetophenone Yes 532-27-4 10/01/1991
p-Chloroaniline QuickView for p-Chloroaniline IRIS Summary for p-Chloroaniline Yes 106-47-8 08/22/1988
Chlorobenzene QuickView for Chlorobenzene IRIS Summary for Chlorobenzene Yes 108-90-7 11/01/1990
Chlorobenzilate QuickView for Chlorobenzilate IRIS Summary for Chlorobenzilate Yes 510-15-6 12/01/1989
1-Chlorobutane QuickView for 1-Chlorobutane IRIS Summary for 1-Chlorobutane 109-69-3 04/01/1990
2-Chlorobutane QuickView for 2-Chlorobutane IRIS Summary for 2-Chlorobutane 78-86-4 04/01/1990
Chlorocyclopentadiene QuickView for Chlorocyclopentadiene IRIS Summary for Chlorocyclopentadiene 41851-50-7 03/01/1990
Chlorodifluoromethane QuickView for Chlorodifluoromethane IRIS Summary for Chlorodifluoromethane Yes 75-45-6 11/01/1993
Chloroform QuickView for Chloroform IRIS Summary for Chloroform Toxicological Review for Chloroform (PDF 112 pp, 759 K) 67-66-3 10/19/2001
Chloromethyl methyl ether (CMME) QuickView for Chloromethyl methyl ether (CMME) IRIS Summary for Chloromethyl methyl ether (CMME) 107-30-2 09/30/1987
beta-Chloronaphthalene QuickView for beta-Chloronaphthalene IRIS Summary for beta-Chloronaphthalene 91-58-7 11/01/1990
2-Chlorophenol QuickView for 2-Chlorophenol IRIS Summary for 2-Chlorophenol Yes 95-57-8 08/22/1988
p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfide QuickView for p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfide IRIS Summary for p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfide 123-09-1 06/01/1993
p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfone QuickView for p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfone IRIS Summary for p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfone Yes 98-57-7 06/01/1993
p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfoxide QuickView for p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfoxide IRIS Summary for p-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfoxide Yes 934-73-6 06/01/1993
Chloroprene QuickView for Chloroprene IRIS Summary for Chloroprene Toxicological Review for Chloroprene (PDF 303 pp, 4.63 M) 126-99-8 09/30/2010
Chlorothalonil QuickView for Chlorothalonil IRIS Summary for Chlorothalonil 1897-45-6 03/01/1988 OPP RED for Chlorothalonil (PDF 337 pp, 1.02 M)
o-Chlorotoluene QuickView for o-Chlorotoluene IRIS Summary for o-Chlorotoluene Yes 95-49-8 02/01/1990
Chlorpropham QuickView for Chlorpropham IRIS Summary for Chlorpropham Yes 101-21-3 06/30/1998 OPP RED for Chlorpropham (PDF 17 pp, 60 K)
Chlorpyrifos QuickView for Chlorpyrifos IRIS Summary for Chlorpyrifos 2921-88-2 01/31/1987 OPP RED for Chlorpyrifos (PDF 260 pp, 3.5 M)
Chlorsulfuron QuickView for Chlorsulfuron IRIS Summary for Chlorsulfuron Yes 64902-72-3 01/31/1987 OPP RED for Chlorsulfuron (PDF 90 pp, 867 K)
Chromium(III), insoluble salts QuickView for Chromium(III), insoluble salts IRIS Summary for Chromium(III), insoluble salts Toxicological Review for Chromium(III), insoluble salts (PDF 77 pp, 497 K) Yes 16065-83-1 09/03/1998
Chromium(VI) QuickView for Chromium(VI) IRIS Summary for Chromium(VI) Toxicological Review for Chromium(VI) (PDF 70 pp, 195 K) Yes 18540-29-9 09/03/1998
Chrysene QuickView for Chrysene IRIS Summary for Chrysene 218-01-9 12/01/1990
Coke oven emissions QuickView for Coke oven emissions IRIS Summary for Coke oven emissions Yes 05/01/1989
Copper QuickView for Copper IRIS Summary for Copper 7440-50-8 09/07/1988
Copper cyanide QuickView for Copper cyanide IRIS Summary for Copper cyanide 544-92-3 09/07/1988
Creosote QuickView for Creosote IRIS Summary for Creosote Yes 8001-58-9 09/07/1988
Crotonaldehyde QuickView for Crotonaldehyde IRIS Summary for Crotonaldehyde 123-73-9 06/01/1991
Cumene QuickView for Cumene IRIS Summary for Cumene Toxicological Review for Cumene (PDF 35 pp, 174 K) Yes 98-82-8 08/01/1997
Cyanazine QuickView for Cyanazine IRIS Summary for Cyanazine Yes 21725-46-2 07/01/1992
Cyanide, free QuickView for Cyanide, free IRIS Summary for Cyanide, free Toxicological Review for Cyanide, free (PDF 153 pp, 905 K) Yes 57-12-5 09/28/2010
Cyanogen QuickView for Cyanogen IRIS Summary for Cyanogen Toxicological Review for Cyanogen (PDF 153 pp, 905 K) Yes 460-19-5 09/28/2010
Cyanogen bromide QuickView for Cyanogen bromide IRIS Summary for Cyanogen bromide 506-68-3 09/26/1988
Cyclohexane QuickView for Cyclohexane IRIS Summary for Cyclohexane Toxicological Review for Cyclohexane (PDF 87 pp, 4.80 M) 110-82-7 09/11/2003
Cyclohexanone QuickView for Cyclohexanone IRIS Summary for Cyclohexanone Yes 108-94-1 09/30/1987
Cyclohexylamine QuickView for Cyclohexylamine IRIS Summary for Cyclohexylamine Yes 108-91-8 09/07/1988
Cyhalothrin/Karate QuickView for Cyhalothrin/Karate IRIS Summary for Cyhalothrin/Karate Yes 68085-85-8 06/30/1988
Cypermethrin QuickView for Cypermethrin IRIS Summary for Cypermethrin 52315-07-8 03/01/1989 OPP RED for Cypermethrin (PDF 117 pp, 1.38 M)
Cyromazine QuickView for Cyromazine IRIS Summary for Cyromazine 66215-27-8 09/30/1987

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