Freshwater Biological Traits Database (Final Report)

Cover of the Freshwater Biological Traits Database Final Report This final report discusses the development of a database of freshwater biological traits. The database combines several existing traits databases into an online format. The database is also augmented with additional traits that are relevant to detecting climate change-related effects, especially traits related to temperature tolerances and flow.

This report and the Freshwater Biological Traits Database are intended for resource managers and scientists working on biological indicators, bioassessment, biomonitoring, and biocriteria, particularly in the EPA’s Office of Water and Regions, and also at state agencies and universities.


U.S. EPA. Freshwater Biological Traits Database (Final Report). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-11/038F, 2012.


Aug 2009EPA performed an internal review of the draft report. Then held regional workshops and discussed traits database.
Apr 2011EPA released the external review draft report for public review and comment.
Aug 2012EPA released the final report and Traits database.