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Acid Aerosols Issue Paper

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Report Information

The report evaluates scientific information on direct health effects associated with exposure to acid aerosols. The present report is not intended as a complete and detailed review of all literature pertaining to acid aerosols. Rather, an attempt has been made to focus on the evaluation of those studies providing key information on health effects and aerometrics. The report includes discussion of: the physical and chemical properties of acid aerosols; ambient monitoring techniques and ambient concentrations; the toxicology of acid aerosols in experimental animals, including a discussion of information on deposition and neutralization of acid aerosols; assessment of epidemiological studies of health effects of acid aerosols; assessment of controlled human exposure studies evaluating the effects of acid aerosols; and a summarization of the above information with appropriate interpretations and conclusions. Lastly, important research needs are identified which are critical to be addressed in order to improve the data base for acid aerosols and associated health effects as a basis for decisions on whether to list acid aerosols as a criteria pollutant for development of criteria and national ambient air quality standards.

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Additional Information

Available from NTIS: PB 91-125864


U.S. EPA. Acid Aerosols Issue Paper. , , EPA/600/8-88/005A (NTIS PB88204219), 1989.


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