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Non-confidential 2006 IUR Records by Chemical, including Manufacturing, Processing and Use Information

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CAS: 68648-31-7
Chemical Name: Nitriles, C8-18 and C18-unsatd.
Aggregated National Production Volume: < 500,000 lbs

National Chemical Information *
Production Volume (aggregated): < 500,000 lbs
Maximum Concentration (at Manufacture or Import site): CBI
Physical Form(s): Liquid
Number of Manufacturing, Processing, and Use Sites (aggregated)**: 1 to 99
Number of Reasonably Likely to be Exposed Industrial Manufacturing, Processing and Use Workers (aggregated)**: 1 to 99
Was Industrial Processing or Use Information Reported? No
Was Commercial or Consumer Use Information Reported? No

*CBI - Confidential Business Information
N/A - Not Applicable
NRO - Not Readily Obtainable

**NOTE: Data may be greatly underestimated. Please see Overview of 2006 TSCA Inventory Update Reporting (PDF) (3 pp, 51K, About PDF) for more detail.

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