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Non-confidential 2006 IUR Records by Chemical, including Manufacturing, Processing and Use Information

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CAS: 74-90-8
Chemical Name: Hydrocyanic acid
Aggregated National Production Volume: 500 million to < 1 billion lbs

Company and Site Information *
Company Site City State Zip Code Manufacture Import Site Limited
Cytec Industries Inc. Cytec Industries Inc. - Fortier Plant Wagganam LA 70094 Yes No Yes
Degussa Corporation Degussa Corp - Mobile Theodore AL 36590-0868 Yes No Yes
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Arkema Inc. - Memphis Facility Memphis TN 38127-1940 Yes No No
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Dupont - Beaumont Works Plant Nederland TX 77627 Yes No No
Ineos USA LLC Ineos Lima Facility Lima OH 45804 Yes No No
Rohm and Haas Company Rohm and Haas Texas Inc Deer Park TX 77536 Yes
Solutia Inc. Solutia - Chocolate Bayou Plant Alvin TX 77512
Sterling Chemicals, Inc. Sterling Chemicals, Inc. Texas City TX 77590 Yes No Yes
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Syngenta Crop Protection - St. Gabriel St. Gabriel LA 70776-0011 Yes No Yes

National Chemical Information *
Production Volume (aggregated): 500 million to < 1 billion lbs
Maximum Concentration (at Manufacture or Import site): Greater than 90%
Physical Form(s): Gas or Vapor, Liquid
Number of Manufacturing, Processing, and Use Sites (aggregated)**: 1 to 99
Number of Reasonably Likely to be Exposed Industrial Manufacturing, Processing and Use Workers (aggregated)**: 1000 or greater
Was Industrial Processing or Use Information Reported? Yes
Was Commercial or Consumer Use Information Reported? Yes
Type of Processing Industrial Sector (Based on NAICS) Industrial Function
Processing as a reactant Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Intermediates
Processing as a reactant Pesticide and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing Intermediates
Processing as a reactant Petrochemical Manufacturing Intermediates
Commercial/Consumer Product Category Maximum Concentration in Related Consumer/Commercial Product Category Intended for Use in Children’s Products in Related Product Category
Other Greater than 90% No

*CBI - Confidential Business Information
  N/A - Not Applicable
  NRO - Not Readily Obtainable

**NOTE: Data may be greatly underestimated. Please see Overview of 2006 TSCA Inventory Update Reporting (PDF) (3 pp, 51K, About PDF) for more detail.

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