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Report on the Environment

Indicator Updates

These indicators were updated in December 2011 with new data points and related text. For more information about the update schedule please refer to the note below the table.

Indicator Subtopics Released Date
Atmospheric Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases (N) Greenhouse Gases
Birth Defects Prevalence and Mortality (N) Human Disease and Condition
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in the Chesapeake Bay (N) Coastal Water
Diversity and Biological Balance
Pesticide Residues in Food (N) Chemicals
Quantity of RCRA Hazardous Waste Generated and Managed (N) Waste
Urbanization and Population Change (N/R) Land Use
Extent and Distribution of Ecological Systems
Infectious Diseases Associated with Environmental Exposures or Conditions (N) Human Disease and Condition
Life Expectancy at Birth (N) Health Status
General Mortality (N) Health Status
Childhood Cancer Incidence (N) Human Disease and Condition
U.S. and Global Mean Temperature and Precipitation (N) Critical Physical and Chemical Attributes
Cancer Incidence (N) Human Disease and Condition

N = National Indicator
R = Regional Indicator
N/R = National Indicator displayed at EPA Regional scale


Update schedule:

The ROE indicators depend on data from a variety of monitoring and other data collection efforts, and each of these have different schedules for collecting new data and making it available. EPA is committed to keeping the ROE information as current as possible.

To achieve this, the ROE has adopted a biannual schedule for updating its indicators in June and December of each year.

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