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Overview of the various data elements in each bibliographic entry:

Name of Article
Contains the name of an article within a journal.

Title of Book/Report/Periodical/Video Tape
Contains the document name of a book, government report, video, database, or journal. All documents have a title.

English Translation
Contains the English-language translation of non-English-language titles or articles.

Contains the name(s) of the creator(s) of the document.

et al
A check in this field indicates that the publication has more than three authors. In a bibliography, only the name of the first author will be printed.

Contains the name(s) of the person(s) responsible for the overall content of the publication but who is not the creator of the content. In general, an editor compiles a publication of multiple documents created by multiple authors. However, occasionally, an editor also may be one of the authors of one document among the many compiled in the publication

Corporate Author
Contains the name of the creator of a document when the creator is an entity, not an individual person or persons. The creator may be a government agency, university, corporation, or organization.

Contains the name of the company or agency that is responsible for the printing and distribution of the document.

Lists the topic headings that describe the content of the document.

Contains additional information about the document, such as: a specialized number assigned to the document, the source of funding for the document, or whether the full-text of the document is available on the Internet.

Record # of #
Displays the location of the record within the database.

Type [of Publication]
Used by the database to ensure the proper bibliographic citation is generated for the type of document cited. All documents will have a type of publication.

Publication Date
Displays the date the document was published. This field combines data from three separate data fields, two of which can be searched:

Published Day
Contains the day the document was written or published.

Published Month
Contains the month the document was written or published. In some cases, the month will appear as a season or multiple months. This occurs when a journal publishes on a schedule other than monthly.

Published Year
Contains the year the document was written or published. All documents have a year.

Contains the volume number assigned by the publisher. In general, the first year of a journal publication is Volume No. [1, I, or One]. Each subsequent year is a new number. However, some journals use different volume numbering systems. Each volume of a multi-volume book will have a unique volume number.

Contains the issue number assigned by the journal publisher. In general, the first issue of a year will be Issue No. [1, I, or One], where each subsequent journal or magazine issued within the year is given a new number. However, some journals use different numbering systems.

Contains either the number of the first page (i.e., 271) within a journal or book on which an article begins or a range of pages (i.e., 271-313) for the full article.

EPA Number
Contains the number assigned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to the document.

Other Number
Contains a number assigned by an organization or publisher other than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Contains a short summary of the document.

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