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Alabama Commission on Environmental Initiatives 
Title of Book/Journal:
Jacksonville State University 
English Translation:
Publication Date:
January 22, 2001     
Conroy, W. Peter
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On April 26, 2000, Governor Don Siegelman signed Executive Order 26 creating the Alabama Commission on Environmental Initiatives (the “Commission”). The Governor’s order charged the Commission “with researching and developing quality options and alternatives that encourage the long-term preservation of Alabama’s natural environment”. The Commission is composed of 63 individuals with diverse backgrounds who live in all parts of the state. The Commission began its work with an address from Governor Siegelman on August 25, 2000. Governor Siegelman told the Commission they were asked to serve because they “bring special expertise and unique perspectives in business, the environment and conservation. But most importantly–all of you have Alabama’s best interests at heart”. Governor Siegelman asked the Commission to focus on achieving consensus recommendations in three priority areas in its first phase of work prior to the 2001 regular legislative session. The Governor’s initial priorities were cleaner air, cleaner water, and roadside beautification. After the initial meeting, the Commission launched a series of town meetings in twelve locations across the state. Thousands of Alabamians attended these meetings to raise issues for the Commission to consider, express their views and concerns about the environment, and to report on efforts throughout Alabama to protect and enhance the environment. The Commission also invited the public to submit comments or concerns in writing. After hearing from citizens across the state, the Commission began its deliberations. Four committees were established to provide an efficient and effective means of addressing all of the issues raised by the public and Commission members themselves. Retrieved April 27, 2007 from

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